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Recordings using the
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  • Frog Music Press: - James Pressler, MIDI with retuned digital samples from a pipe organ in the Czech Republic. The New Bach Temperament organ 2CD set (April 2005) Additional repertoire by various composers is available free at Pressler's web site, "Virtually Baroque" (April-May 2005)
  • Harmonia Mundi France 907425-26: - Richard Egarr, harpsichord. Bach: Goldberg Variations BWV 988 and 14 Canons BWV 1087. (Released March 2006)
  • Anderson's set of Anna Magdalena's Book Anna Magdalena Bach's Book, performed by harpsichordist Elizabeth Anderson and boy soprano Jacob Lawrence (Anderson's son). Move Records #MD3304. (Released June 1 2006)
  • Click to see cover art larger... Musica Omnia 0201: - Peter Watchorn, harpsichord and pedal harpsichord. Bach: Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1. (Released in the first week of June 2006, with eleven additional albums to follow.) Booklet essays by Bradley Lehman and Peter Watchorn.
  • Click to see cover art larger... BIS 1472: - Ronald Brautigam, fortepiano. Beethoven Sonatas, volume 3 with sonatas 4-7. Walter-style fortepiano by Paul McNulty. (Released June 2006) [Samples]
  • Belder set of concertos Brilliant Classics 93102/8: - Pieter-Jan Belder, Siebe Henstra, Menno van Delft, Musica Amphion/Belder. Bach concertos for two harpsichords BWV 1061-1062, concertos for three harpsichords BWV 1063-1064. Disc #8 in the updated 155-disc Bach Edition. (Recorded May/June 2006; released August 2006 as single disc in the Bach Edition.)
  • Belder set of concertos Brilliant Classics 93187: - Pieter-Jan Belder, Siebe Henstra, Menno van Delft, Vincent van Laar, Musica Amphion/Belder. Bach concertos for two, three, and four harpsichords, BWV 1060-1065. (Recorded May/June 2006; two-disc set released in January(?) 2007.) [Samples]
  • Luc Beausejour plays WTC 1 Naxos 8.557625-6: Luc Beausejour, harpsichord. Bach: Well-Tempered Clavier, book 1. (Recorded July-October 2005, released 2007)
  • Click to see cover art larger... Musica Omnia 0204: - Ensemble "Publick Musick" and Peter Watchorn. Bach cantatas: BWV 45 Es ist dir gesagt, Mensch was gut ist; BWV 62 Nun komm der Heiden Heiland; BWV 140 Wachet auf, ruf uns die Stimme; BWV 192 Nun danket alle Gott. (released spring 2008)
  • Purcell Quartet CantatasChandos Records 0742: - Purcell Quartet + Friends; Robert Woolley, organ; Emma Kirkby, soprano; Michael Chance, alto; Charles Daniels, tenor; Peter Harvey, bass. Bach cantatas: BWV 12 Weinen, Klagen, Sorgen, Zagen; BWV 18 Gleichwie der Regen und Schnee vom Himmel fällt; BWV 61 Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland; BWV 161 Komm, du süße Todesstunde. (Released June 2007) The ensemble performed these cantatas live several times during October 2005; one of those performances can be heard in a broadcast on BBC Radio 3's "Early Music Show" on 19 February 2006, and during the following week as Internet replay "Sunday".
  • Dorian 20604: - Bach Sinfonia, Daniel Abraham. Handel's "Alexander's Feast", plus Bach's aria BWV 1127, "Alles mit Gott". (released December 2006)
  • R & V Records: Jazz CD "Impossible" by Zsolt Kaltenecker (1970-), playing solo "clavitar" (synthesizer set up to resemble an electrified clavichord). [Samples] [Order]
  • Naxos 8.557966: "BACH, W.F.: Keyboard Works, Vol. 1" played by Robert Hill, fortepiano. 12 Polonaises, Sonata in D major, Fantasia in A minor. (Released November 2007)
  • van Veldhoven - B minor Mass Channel Classics 25007: - Netherlands Bach Society, Jos van Veldhoven. Bach's B Minor Mass. (Recorded in December 2006; released in the Netherlands February 2007, with the rest of Europe and North America soon after that.)
  • Musica Omnia: Atlantis Ensemble. Mendelssohn: Piano quartets Op 1-3, and violin sonata Op 4. (Recorded April 2007, scheduled for release in autumn 2008)
  • Eva Mengelkoch plays Haydn Centaur: Haydn sonatas played on a 1780s Regier fortepiano by Eva Mengelkoch. (Recorded in summer 2007; scheduled release May 2009) Disc 2 has the same sonatas on modern piano, tuned in equal temperament.
  • Schloss Niederfellabrunn: Bach's Goldberg Variations and 10 inventions/sinfonias, played by Walter Riemer on a Stein-styled fortepiano. [Samples] [Order]
  • London Independent LIR014: Polonaises and Fugues by Wilhelm Friedemann Bach played by Paul Simmonds on clavichord. (Simmonds reports he did a slight tweak to the temperament, for a "quieter" E major to his taste: lowered G#?)
  • Harmonia Mundi HMU907431.32: - Richard Egarr, harpsichord. Bach: Well-Tempered Clavier, book 1. (Released October 2007)
  • Click to see cover art larger... Musica Omnia 0208: Peter Watchorn, harpsichord. Bach inventions and sinfonias. (Recorded September 2007, released February 2008)
  • Robert Hill's blog has many in-concert samples of various repertoire using this tuning; listen especially to the October 26 2007 performance of Bach's Ricercar a6 from the Musical Offering
  • Julia Brown plays WFB Naxos 8.570530: "BACH, W.F.: Keyboard Works, Vol. 2" played by Julia Brown, harpsichord. Fantasias and Fugues by Wilhelm Friedemann Bach. (Recorded September 2007, released 2008)
  • Schumann trios Musica Omnia 0207: Clara Schumann's Piano Trio in G Minor, Op.17, and Robert Schumann's Piano Trio in D Minor, Op. 63. The Atlantis Trio - Penelope Crawford (fortepiano), Jaap Schröder (violin), Enid Sutherland (cello). (Released August 2008)
  • Weimar Cantatas, vol. 2 Chandos 0752: Bach cantatas 172, 183, and 21. Emma Kirkby, Michael Chance, Charles Daniels, Peter Harvey, Purcell Quartet and Friends. (Released 2008)
  • Music collected by Thomas Jefferson Monticello RSC-001: Music from the Jefferson Collection: An Evening of Songs and Sonatas. Theresa Goble and Andrew Mullen, singers; David Sariti, violin; Bradley Lehman, harpsichord. Includes Vivaldi's violin sonata Op 2 #3, and Wenceslaus Wodizka's violin sonata Op 1 #4 -- probably a world premiere recording. (Recorded spring 2008, released January 2009)
  • Vinikour Handel suites Delos 3394: Handel: Suites for Harpsichord. Jory Vinikour. (Released March 2009)
  • Bach: Cantatas 199, 82, 170. Concert performances and recording (forthcoming). Gilbert Martinez, director.
  • (unconfirmed) Bach violin sonatas, vol. 2. James Ehnes, Luc Beausejour.
  • (unconfirmed) Haydn Fantasias, variations, dances. Bart van Oort, fortepiano. 5CD set.
  • MO 0210: Beethoven: Trio in C minor, Op. 1 No. 3, Symphony No. 2 in D major, Op. 36. The Atlantis Trio. (recorded, not yet released)
  • MO 0304: Mendelssohn: Piano Quartets, Op. 1-3; Piano Sextet, Op.110. The Atlantis Ensemble. (recorded, not yet released)
  • MO 0305: Mendelssohn: Sonatas for violin, viola, clarinet and fortepiano. Members of the Atlantis Ensemble. (recorded, not yet released)
  • Musica Omnia: Bach: Well-Tempered Clavier, book 2. Peter Watchorn, harpsichord. (recorded April 2009)

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