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originally an article for Gospel Herald, July 4, 1995

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List last updated: 18-Mar-04

Compiled by Bradley Lehman (composer of six hymns in the current hymnal, and compiler of its complete concordance) In Thee is Gladness
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Introductory article for newcomers to the World Wide Web ^

What is the World-Wide Web? An anarchy of information about anything and everything, growing exponentially every day.

This is a catalog of Mennonite-related links on the WWW. Any attempt to organize the available resources is necessarily inadequate and ephemeral. There is no way to be comprehensive (sites continually appear, move, or vanish) or to avoid redundancy (any link may itself call any other). Most of the links here did not yet exist when this article was printed (July 1995); this site has grown more than 1800% in size since then.

Resources on the WWW are usually organized in hypertext documents to be displayed by your web browser (an Internet program on your desktop computer; three of the most popular are Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Opera.

In a hypertext document you simply click the mouse on an featured word or a picture to move automatically to another site anywhere in the world, based on a link encoded by the author. Hypertext links may also display pictures, play sound files, send e-mail, or even show short movies. Your browser automatically keeps track of which links you have already explored, changing the color of the text on your screen. Of course, the information behind the link may have changed; some sites are updated several times a day. You may save a reference mark ("bookmark" or "favorite") to any useful link. Access to sites is generally free and unrestricted: it is a truly worldwide and immediate exchange of information. Many people set up personal hypertext "home pages" with pictures, a short biography, a resume, links to their own favorite sites, or anything else.

It is much more important to know how to get to something than to know where it is. There are hundreds of ways to get to the same sites. Access is limited only by personal experience with intuitive browsing techniques and shortcuts. The easiest way to start exploring the WWW is to open a known site and follow any path of links that looks interesting. There are also many general catalogs of the WWW; see the "WWW in general" section above for some of the most powerful and widely used free services.

Happy browsing!

Credits - Disclaimers - Add a link... ^

This independently maintained catalogue is a free service listing already existent web sites which have Mennonite or Amish content. The sites are either about Mennonites/Amish or by Mennonites/Amish. (The exception is the "General Christian Resources" section.)

This catalogue is not officially sponsored by the Mennonite Church or any of its agencies; I maintain it only through volunteer effort. Authors of the sites linked here are responsible for their own content. If you find errors or are offended by something you find, please contact that individual site's author.

Updates are posted approximately every six weeks (but collected anytime). I verify all sites before inclusion in this catalogue, and the links are correct and appropriate (in my opinion) at the time of addition. However, some older links here may have expired without my knowledge. It is the nature of the World Wide Web for sites to be changing all the time....

Please send new links, corrections, updates, other suggestions to -- be sure to include the URL (web address) of the site which is to be added or corrected. Your site should include valid contact information to help verify its legitimacy: e-mail address, author's or organization's name, and preferably also a mailing address.

If you are here looking for official Mennonite Church information, I suggest you start with the Third Way Cafe. If you are looking for a basic reading list about Mennonites or Amish, I recommend this selected bibliography.

Bradley P Lehman

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