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Dr. Bradley Lehman

Dayton, Virginia

Personal pages

*Some photos of me

*Wedding with Gloria Rhodes in 1996

*Our daughter, Afton Elisabeth, b 2002

*Our son, Cormac Arthur, b 2006

*Our household includes four cats and a dog

*Some of my Occupations and Diversions...a real variety...

*I created the Mennonite Connections index (now at least 6 years out of date: no time or funding to keep up with it!)

*Here's some more Miscellany (really a mixture of various assorted potpourri and white elephants...)

*I created a page for our Duplicate Bridge Club in Harrisonburg VA

*I developed this rating system for OKbridge years ago

*We play quite a bit of Klaberjass (card game)

*This CD Corrosion checklist shows classical CD's that are susceptible to deterioration

*Hear some MIDI Experiments (usually I compose and notate things using MIDI for convenience, but I then perform them with more conventional's so rare to find a MIDI performance of anything that is truly musical at the levels I feel are important....)