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Dr. Bradley Lehman

Dayton, Virginia

Professional activities and accomplishments

*My doctorate is in harpsichord, with masters' degrees in Early Keyboard Instruments and Musicology

*An article about Johann Sebastian Bach's temperament for harpsichords, organs, and clavichords: published in Early Music (Oxford University Press), 2005. This tuning is my discovery in April 2004.

*I have done professional software design, development, testing, and technical writing for almost 30 years; from a March 2019 layoff I am now seeking something similar again

*See various versions of my Résumé, including publications

*Sample concert programs: Organ concert 10/30/05 (Goshen, IN) and
harpsichord concert 11/21/05 (Bluffton, OH)

*Organ solo CD "A Joy Forever" released January 4th 2006

*Harpsichord solo CD "Playing from Bach's fancy" released January 4th 2006

*Trumpet/organ CD "In Thee is Gladness" with Martin Hodel, including some of my own compositions

*I've composed many Hymns, and compiled a Hymnal Concordance which is currently in print from Mennonite Publishing House. There is also a CD of my performances of hymns on clavichord....

*These Keyboard Temperament analysis tools are from some of my research and practice as a keyboard player....

*I enjoy arranging music: for example, Purcell's Chacony arranged for keyboard...there is also an essay about my performance goals and methods

*My essay about decoro, sprezzatura, grazia has more principles of creativity and performance

* I'm half of the Hodel/Lehman Duo (trumpet/organ). Our CD "In Thee is Gladness", released 2005, is here.

*Review of Glenn Gould's radio documentary "The Quiet in the Land" (reviewed 1996 for Mennonite Quarterly Review; cited by Matthew McFarlane in GlennGould Magazine Fall 2002)

*Some of my recordings are scheduled for inclusion in CD-ROM sets from Entrex. These are interactive educational packages for middle-school children. More details will be here when the sets are released!

*My hymn "By Peter's House" has been published in a choral arrangement by Philip Orr of Orrganized Sound. This arrangement has also been recorded for publication by the Presbyterian Church USA.

*I am a CD reviewer on the staff of American Record Guide, starting with the September 2015 issue.

*This productions page lists creative projects I have done myself, or have been associated closely with

I am available for professional freelance music work: performance, composing, arranging, harpsichord maintenance, etc. My normal rate is $100/hr plus any travel expenses. Please contact me with project ideas: