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Recent Publications

  • Kristen Cummings, K.C. Deane, Brian P. McCall and Stephen.L DesJardins, forthcoming, "Exploring Race and Income Heterogeneity in the Effects of State Merit Aid Loss among Four-Year College Entrants," Journal of Higher Education.
  • Fang Fang, Brian McCall and Binglin Zhong, forthcoming, "How does family background influence students’ choice of subjects for the National College Entrance Examination?," Higher Education Research & Development.
  • Fernando Furquim, K.C. Deane, Brian P. McCall and Stephen L. DesJardins, 2022, "Like Any Other Trap: The Circuitous Path of Student Loan Repayment, AERA Open, 8(1):1-19.
  • Brian P. McCall, 2021, "College Persistence and Bachelor's Degree Completion, Routledge Handbook of the Economics of Education, B. P. McCall (Ed.), Routledge.
  • Dennis A. Ahlburg and Brian P. McCall, 2021,"One Hundred Years of the Gender Gap in Examination Results at the University of Oxford," History of Education, 50(2):240-256.
  • Dennis A. Ahlburg and Brian P. McCall, 2020, "A Very English Revolution: The Impacts of Coresidence at the University of Oxford," History of Education, 49(5):682-706.
  • Stephanie Lluis and Brian P. McCall, 2019, "Employment and Job Search Implications of the Extended Weeks and Working While on Claim Pilot Initiatives," Canadian Public Policy/Analyse de politiques, 45(2):129-172.
  • Brian P. McCall and Elizabeth M. Starr, 2018, “Effects of Autism Spectrum Disorder on Parental Employment in the United States: Evidence from the National Health Interview Survey,” Community, Work, & Family, 21(4):367-392.
  • Brian Jacob, Brian McCall and Kevin M. Stange, 2018, "College as Country Club: Do Colleges Cater to Students’ Preferences for Consumption?" Journal of Labor Economics , 36(2):309-348.
  • Brian P. McCall, Jeffrey Smith, and Connie Wunsch, 2016 ,"Government Sponsored Vocational Education for Adults" Handbook of the Economics of Education Vol. 5 , E. Hanushek, S. Machin, and L.Woessmann (Ed), North-Holland.

Selected Publications

  • Stephen L. DesJardins and Brian P. McCall, 2014, "The impact of the Gates Millennium Scholars Program on college and post-college related choices of high ability, low-income minority students," Economics of Education Review, 38:124-138.
  • Stephen L. DesJardins, Brian P. McCall, Molly Ott and Jiyun Kim, 2010 "A Quasi-Experimental Investigation of How the Gates Millennium Scholars Program Affects College Students’ Time Use and Activities," Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, 32(4):456-475.
  • Avner Ben-Ner, Brian P. McCall, Massoud Stephane, and Hua Wang, 2009, “Identity and In-Group and Out-Group Differentiation in Work and Giving Behaviors: Experimental Evidence,” Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 72: 153-170.

  • David Card and Brian P. McCall, 2009, “When to Start a Fight and When to Fight Back: Liability Disputes in the Worker’s Compensation System,” Journal of Labor Economics, 27:149-178.
  • Stephen L. DesJardins, Dennis A. Ahlburg, and Brian P. McCall, 2006, "The Effects of Interrupted Enrollment on Graduation from College: Racial, Income, and Ability Differences," Economics of Education Review 25:575-590.
  • Stephen L. DesJardins, Dennis A. Ahlburg, and Brian P. McCall, 2002, "Simulating the Longitudinal Effects of Changes in Financial Aid on Student Departure from College," Journal of Human Resources 37:653-679.
  • Steve DesJardins, Dennis Ahlburg, Brian P. McCall, 1999, "An Event History Model of Student Departure," Economics of Education Review 18:375-390.
  • Brian P. McCall, 1997, "The Determinants of Full-time Versus Part-time Re-employment Following Job Displacement," Journal of Labor Economics 15:714-734.
  • John W. Budd and Brian P. McCall, 1997, "The Effect of Unions on the Receipt of Unemployment Insurance Benefits," Industrial and Labor Relations Review 50:478-491.
  • Brian P. McCall, 1996, "Unemployment Insurance Rules, Joblessness, and Part-time Work," Econometrica 64:647-682.
  • David Card and Brian P. McCall, 1996, "Is Workers' Compensation Covering Uninsured Medical Costs? Evidence from the 'Monday Effect,'" Industrial and Labor Relations Review 49:690-706.
  • Brian P. McCall, 1994, "Testing the Proportional Hazards Model in the Presence of Unmeasured Heterogeneity," Journal of Applied Econometrics 9:321-334.
  • Brian P. McCall, 1994, "Specification Diagnostics for Duration Models: A Martingale Approach," Journal of Econometrics 60:293-312.
  • Brian P. McCall, 1994, "The Effect of Job Heterogeneity on Reservation Wages," International Economic Review 35:773-791.
  • Brian P. McCall, 1990, "Occupational Matching: A Test of Sorts," Journal of Political Economy 98:45-70.
  • Brian P. McCall and John J. McCall, 1987, "A Sequential Study of Migration and Job Search," Journal of Labor Economics 5:452-476.

Working Papers

  • Dennis A. Ahlburg and Brian P. McCall,2021, "The Waiting Game: A Competing Risks Model of College Graduation and Dropout with Endogenous Delay," mimeo.
  • Isaac McFarlin, Jr., Paco Martorell, and Brian McCall, 2020, "How Much Do Public Subsidies Improve College Attainment? Evidence from Community College Taxing District Expansions," mimeo.


  • Brian P. McCall (Ed), 2021, Routledge Handbook of the Economics of Education , (Abingdon, OXON: Routledge), ISBN-13: 978-0367194581.
  • Brian P. McCall and John J.McCall, 2008,   Economics of Search Vol. I , (Abingdon, OXON: Routledge), ISBN-13: 978-0415299923.


  • Colin, Busby, Stéphanie Lluis and Brian McCall, 2021, Transitioning Back to Work: How to Improve EI Working-While-on-Claim Provisions, IRPP Study 85, Montreal: Institute for Research on Public Policy.

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  • Avery Calkins, Economics, 2020, member (Rand Corporation)
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  • Katie Lim, Economics, 2016, member (Office of Tax Analysis, U.S. Dept. of Treasury)
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