Welcome to the Urusei Yatsura Museum

Lum has had  guests so far and warmly welcomes you as well!
Welcome again to my web page! This site is dedicated to Urusei Yatsura, specifically Lum. In the anime world, most fans know of Lum, and most UY web pages out there have tons of information about Lum & UY. This page, or shirne if you will, better serves as a museum to Lum. In side, you will see all kinds of Lum and UY paraphenalia from CDs, to manga, to laser disks, idol cards, dojinshi, dolls, and garage kits. I've been a long time collector of Urusei Yatsura 'things', I've got a lot of stuff and am always trying to find more. If you have any questions, and better yet happen to have some Lum stuff you'd like to sell or donate, feel free to email me at brenten@umich.edu! Thanks, and enjoy the site!

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