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Brock Palen


I host an High Performance Computing (HPC) and Research Computing Podcast. It is hosted at: If you would like to have your research project on the show please contact me.


I am a HPC system administrator and user consultant at the University of Michigan Center for Advanced Computing. Find my most recent contact information on the Directory Uniquename 'brockp'.

I blog on HPC, and science

You should follow me on Twitter @brockpalen.

If you are looking for MLDS Networks, my startup, it is not affiliated with the University in anyway other than through me. Current resumes can be found here.

Presentations Here

git clone

Training Documents

Latest Finished Documents

Generated latest versions of these documents are available.

Git Repo

All training documents are held in a Git repository. A complete listing of repositories is located here.

To clone a copy of the recent training documents with example source code:

git clone

By default you will have the master branch. This branch should be the current stable finished documents. Each folder will have a single training course with raw LaTeX and example source code.

To see what other work in progress branches are available use:

git branch -a

* master

To then 'pull' one of these other branches:

git pull origin mpi:mpi

To switch to the unfinished mpi branch use:

git checkout mpi