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October 28, 2003
Funny cat videos You'd think these animals are dumber than my cat, but they're not. Submission from UM

October 14, 2003
Shirt Ninja Cheap costume just in time for Halloween. Courtesy of Fark - one of my favorite sites.

September 28, 2003
Measure the speed of light with chocolate Fun with physics in your kitchen... if you're a nerd.

September 24, 2003
Sorry it's been so long since a new link. Actually you're only getting one today because I'm on call and I can't sleep. I'm a lazy bastard
Lunchclock This is a Java application that coverly 'dialates' time to sneak a few minutes extra of lunch time. Not that I would advocate anything dishonest

July 5, 2003
The world of Gummy bear sex I know it's been a long, long, long... long long time since a link so I'll give you a few.

Church of SpongeBob Squarepants My favorite part is when they claim "This site is not affiliated with Viacom International, Nickelodeon, or SpongeBob Squarepants." Strange. The SpongeBob would be angered.

Fitst Church of Pac Man ALong the same vein is this they also warn "Not a Religion - do not worship"

Block Death This site used to be Lego Death. Some one from a certain interlocking plastic block company must have got to them (I may have listed them before, but I'm too lazy to check)

Spam Radio These guys take all their spam and covert it a streaming web broadcast. With a wonderful new age music background I might add.

Cat Boxing SUnday Sunday Sunday get ready for some no-holds-barred cat boxing action. (Note:that Bootsy can really kick some ass.) May 16, 2003
Utah rules that cat is not a dog. Appeal pending. Here's the text if they take it away.

May 11, 2003
Hospital seeks Klingon Speaker Submitted by mMD2B, I was so shocked I had to post it right away. Here's the text if they take it down.

March 2, 2003
Surgeon's license revoked after obscenity uttered to District Attorney Only has had his license denied or revoked in six other states. Here's the text if they take it down.

February 14, 2003
Happy Valentines Day from Smoochie From MTx. Kind of disturbing. Not safe for kids. not safe for adults.

February 5, 2003
Block Death See all forms of death depicted in Legos? strange. From MM.

February 3, 2003
Find out what you are. From MTx

January 29, 2003
Interesting auction from MphdMD

January 18, 2003
Rubber Band Guns. For the times when you need to shoot someone with 144 rubber bands.. From CMM. Also Check out his Synack Labs

January 13, 2003
Firewire Dino Need a new Firewire hub? Seen in the February issue of one of my favorite magazines, Maxim. Also Check out the Hello Kitty USB hub Appently it talks and types with input from devices. Cool. From the December issue of PC Magazine

January 12, 2003
International Federation of Competitive eating Tonight I watched the "Battle of the Buffets" on the Travel Channel. Truely amazing and disgusting... even for a fat ass like me. I can't believe there's an organization for it.

January 10, 2003
THe Time travel fund Invest in future time travel. It's an interesting idea... only ten bucks... for future immortality. First link from CMM.

December 26, 2002
Hope everyone had a good holiday and made out like a bandit... I mean enjoyed the spirit of giving...

Chelvis:the Chinese Elvis. I met the Chinese Michael Keaton once in Toronto at Dim Sum.

Putting bunnies in a trance. Strange.

December 7, 2002
Hold the button If you have some free time.

December 7, 2002
Burning Bacon My roommate's mother burned down her kitchen making bacon. His uncle cruelly registered this web site.

November 3, 2002
Natural Booty There has to be one eh? strange.

October 26, 2002
Ka-POW! goes the pumpkin Can shoot a pumping through the rear of a 1978 Pontiac, no big deal... what about a Toyota? Here's the text if they take it down. From MMD2B. Also check out Punkin Chunkin

October 20, 2002
Rate my Poo The most disgusting thing I've ever seen. And all of the this from the model of innocence, kindness and purity, MMDC

October 5, 2002
Funniest joke? My favorite joke is at the bottom as the most frequently submitted joke. Here's the text if they take it down. Credit for this goes to FM who will one day become a world famous director/screenwriter/producer/all of the above

September 11, 2002
One year has flown by.
We still remember.
Let us forgive, but never forget.

September 1, 2002
WWJD: What would Jesus Drive?

August 18, 2002
Domo-Nation I can't believe that it's been two months since a new link has been added. Sorry. Here's a new story The Japanese are strange. The full text if they take it down.

June 18, 2002
Prison Bitch Name From MMd2B -- or rather "Butt Blaster".

June 17, 2002
I'm on vacation this week, hopefully more links this week
First person Pong Hard to play, but still kind of cool.

June 15, 2002
The new VW bug convertible. Very cool thanks to MM.(First link for him)

June 9, 2002
Duct tape fashion. Some of these are pretty impressive.

Next few links from Mtx
Greg the Bunny video archive

Extreme Trampoline Wrestling

The Original Nasal Passage cleaner

June 3, 2002
Sorry the links have been sparse lately. Been busy. here's a good one.
Fried Twinkies Mmmm.... but tell me this, can you fry butter? Here's the text if they take it down.

May 11, 2002
The Earth at night Courtesy of NASA. from MJD2(AC)

The Industrious Clock Hey, what time is it? Tell me please. No write it out instead. Kinda cool. From MTx.

May 7, 2002
The Complete Friends Script Index As seen in Entertainment Weekly

Sheepgame Strangely additive game. From one of my housemates, YM!

April 25, 2002
Gaijin-a-gogo American stars in Japanese commercials

April 25, 2002
The end of the Simpsons? OH NO!!!! Here's the text if they take it down.

April 25, 2002
Elmo testifies on capital hill "Elmo of Sesame Street attempts to eat the microphone as he testifies before the House Labor, Health and Human Services, Education Appropriations Committee hearing on Capital Hill Tuesday, April 23 in Washington. Elmo, a popular puppet from the television series, was testifying in favor of school music education (AP Photo/Giles Communications, Ron Thomas) " Here's the pic if they take it down.

More Elmo as he confers with cousel "Joe Lamond, president and chief executive officer of International Music Products Association, left, covers the microphone with his hand as he confers with with fellow witness Elmo of Sesame Street during a House Labor, Health and Human Services, Education Appropriations Committee hearing on Capital Hill Tuesday, April 23 in Washington. The two were testifying in favor of music education. (AP Photo/Giles Communications, Ron Thomas)". Again the pic if they take it down

April 9, 2002
Megapenny Project Ever wonder what quintillion pennies looks like? Me neither.

April 7, 2002
M&M Colorworks Choose your own mix of colored M&Ms Kinda cool. Sorry there haven't been any links in a little while.

March 5, 2002
The Condiment Packet Museum

The SPAM-ku Archive Many, many haikus about Spam Apparently, there's a Book too. Buy "Spam-ku: Tranquil Reflections on Luncheon Loaf at

March 5, 2002
TeddyBorg A MIT student with too much time puts an ethernet switch inside a teddy bear,

March 2, 2002
Man gets 3-year prison term for stealing endangered monkey From MTx. I understand stealing a monkey to sell it for drugs, but I don't understand why anyone would accept a trade of a monkey for narcotics. Here's the text if they take it down.

February 16, 2002
Phone Firm Adds Insult to Bill, Apologizes The phone company billed the guy for being an "arrogant bastard". If I could charge people for this, I'd be rich. Here's the text if they take it down.

World record ear hair? Scary, disgusting, yet strangely intriguing. Here's the pic if they take it down.

Millions of Chocolate Bunnies Perish in Blaze A sad Easter story for bunny lovers and chocolate lovers everywhere. Here's the text if they take it down.

Men Overestimate Women's Sexual Interest: StudyDuh. This is what happens when we think about sex all the time. Here's the text when they take it down.

Men Paying on Dates: Women Love It, Men Less Sure Duh again. Stuff like this (and the one above) is what makes my psychology degree so valuable. Here's the text if they take it down.

Cooked Cat Catches Fire, 400 Homeless This is for cat lovers, well only those who like their cats flame-broiled. My favorite line is, "The suspect liked to eat cat meat while drinking wine with his friends." how odd. Here's the text if they take it down.

Lower-Status Monkeys More Likely to Take Cocaine Not surprising, but ya know, the higher status monkeys usually have more money to spend on cocaine.. And I know a fewer lower-status monkeys, if you know what i mean *wink* Here's the text if they take it down.

February 3, 2002
Celebrity Tattoo Database Info and pictures on your favorite celebrity's skin art.

January 11, 2002
Chewable liquor There is a god! Here's the text if they take it down

January 4, 2002
The physics of jiggle People who get paid for animating T and A. From (one of my favorite sites.) here's text if they take it down.

January 2, 2002
Mike Tyson in the news again Caption reads "Boxer Mike Tyson walks through a Havana hotel lobby on January 1, 2002. During a two-day visit to Cuba, Tyson threatened and swore at a small group of journalists waiting to film him, threw three crystal balls, and hit a cameraman lightly on the head." First of all, throwing crystal balls? What is he a fortuneteller? And it's good to know he hit the cameraman lightly. Plus, I understand the tat of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. on his arm, but why Gallagher on his belly? Here's the pic if they take it down.

December 31, 2001
Nintendo Sewing Machine? Hooks up to your GameBoy.

December 24, 2001
Excreman Buy this touching video which tells the tale of the human shaped pig-dung, Excreman.

December 10, 2001
Sperm Donor Must Pay Child Support Messed up. Here's the text if they take it down.

Man's ear become's dog's lunch This and the previous story are both from Sweden. How can there be such a messed up country?. On the other hand, we have Jerry Springer. Here's the text if they take it down

'Sandwich murder' conviction is upheld The words sandwich and murder should never be used together as a phrase. Here's the text if they take it down.

November 22, 2001
There haven't been any new links for a while. sorry 'bout that. Happy Turkey Day... well I bet the turkeys aren't happy.

Fry a turkey this thanksgiving! They're more popular than ever. I first saw Emeril do this about 8 years ago with Julia Childs on TV. Now you can get one of these fryers just about anywhere. I've seen it as low as $50 bucks for the fryer... don't get ripped off.(Can we go for $40?)

Chia Mac Check out the new Mac. Don't forget to water it. Here's the pic if it disappears.

Bandit Hurling Hot Coffee Robs Florida Eateries It's less dangerous than using a gun. The question is whether he takes the pastry with him or leaves it. Here's the text if they take it down... like they always do.

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