Random Thoughts

February 8, 2001: I noticed that the days where I have the most random thoughts that I have the least amount of energy to type them out... maybe I should get on some sort of schedule so I get on the ball. We'll see.

April 10, 2001: The Krispy Kreme Kard is a good thing.

April 10, 2001: If I had a check for a hundred thousand dollars, I would seriously vomit. --I don't want to get into the conversation, but trust me it was a good one.

May 5, 2001: "Hold on a sec, I think my cupcakes are burning." -- not really a random thought. My friend said this on the phone to me. Seemed random.

August 29, 2001: You have no idea how weird it is to wake up on your bed and find you are sleeping in the same position as your cat... and it steems that he's taking up more of the bed.

August 29, 2001: I went outside to look at the street where an accident had happened last night and a pickup truck came barrelling around the corner. It stopped and gave me my newspaper. What timing.

May 3, 2002:"She may be all that, but she's no box of crackers." - same dumbass who made the cupcakes quotation. It's so easy.

December 29, 2002:"The movie was very, very mediocre" -- said regarding the Two Towers, just odd.

March 9, 2003: Today I was at the store and saw "Bunny Paratroopers", four for a buck 89 I couldn't resist. They're pretty cool. I tried one and the parachute worked well enough to float him over my (one-story) house (The second time anyway... the first throw ended in him plummetting tot he ground because the parachute did not open.) Funnier yet is on the package -- "a Army of bunnies to jump into springtime fun".


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