PussyCam / CEOcam
This is the Pussy Cam you can see our CEO hard at work. By the way my cat's/Archermonkey's CEO's name is Rasputin so if you're looking for something else sorry. He hides a lot so you'll most see either me at my computer, or nothing at all... you can sometimes see what I'm watching on TV.

Here's what he looks like
in case you see him
Here's the webcam:

This page refreshes approximately every 5 minutes.
Times displayed are Central Daylight Time

This camera is not available 24 hours a day, because it share a port with my printer and honestly it tends to crash my computer. I'll do my best to keep in on as much as possible.

October 9, 2000: Finally got the PussyCam back online after a month of no new pictures. It still crashes my computer, but I bought a USB cable (slightly too short, but it still works) for my printer so it no longer shares the port. I'll try to keep it on more.

December 9, 2000: I just realized that as much as I don't have my camera on it still refreshes every minute. so now I've changed it to every ... FIVE minutes. Yay!

January 15, 2002: I've added an archive of soome old webcam captures -- well to be specific, one -- but there will hopefully be more in the future.

March 9, 2002: The webcam's been moved. I have a new one. I can't figure out yet how to make it do automatic uploads. When I do, we hope to have it working also. Later.

May 25, 2003: Another new webcam. This one works I think. Updates every 15 minutes... now pointed at the window.


Web Page created 26 August 2000
Last Modified 25 May 2003