Why Archermonkey?

People ask us why we're named Archermonkey. Now that you mention it, it is a bit weird. Well when Ju-Lin and I were looking at names for a site we looked a lot of site names... and would you believe it many non-obvious names are taken. is taken by some stupid printing company 1, my friend who's last name is Juip is now home to Jim's unofficial Iomega page... Even is taken. So anyway we began typing random things into the web registration site. Our original next choice was and that apparently is taken. We decided we would not be left in the dust of the information superhighway and sprung for ... and the rest is history. Well... you're thinking what the hell does that tell me... what the heck is an Archermonkey. Well being the highly cultured people we are we took our inspiration from Sifl and Olly a MTV Show with sock puppets as hosts. They are no longer on the air, (rumors abound to maybe an internet only version in the future). It's taken from one of the regular segments from their show, "Calls from the Public", and their landlord calls in ... well ya just gotta hear it...Here's the sound file(you need an MP3 player... left click and save the file to your desktop... mac users... hold down the mouse button or whatever). Ju-Lin and I just bust out laughing and that's it... such a long story for a stupid point I know... tough crap for you. ( I had some problems with the mp3 download... if you're really interested... I'll email it to you ( )

Here's a transcript for those of you who can't hear it.

LANDLORD:You sons of bitches are in trouble.
OLLY2 : Uh Oh
SIFL:I'm sorry, Who is this?
L: You know damn well who this is, you little punk, it's your landlord.
S: Uh dude, I'm sorry, if it's about the tourbus in the drive way, don't worry about it, it's Metallica's. They're leaving tomrrow after the show.
L: Tourbus? what.. what.. I'm calling because I drove by the property and there's a fricking moat around my building, what the hell is going on?
O: Oh yeah
S: What exactly do you mean when you say "moat"?
L: You know damn well what I'm talking about, i'm talking about the giant trench around the building and all those alligators in it.
O: Ya know actually it's crocodiles, we're trying to protect the property.
S: Yeah
L: Well those alligators are dangerous and a couple of the neighbor kids are missing.
S: Hey, the signs are clearly posted, dude.
L: I want that moat filled in or you guys are out of there
S: Yeah well try to kick us out, let see if you can get past the drawbridge and our archermonkeys
L: Why you little...
S: Oh... sorry about that one folks, we'll see ya in a second
O: Bye
S: See ya


1 I actually emailed this company and they explained their name to me.

From Sun Jul 22 12:46:44 2001
From: Peggy Cleeton 
Subject: Re: hi.

>>> Bryant Wu (          >>>
>I'm just curious.. My best friend's name is Ju-Lin.  Why is your printing
>company named Julin.

This printing company was started by William and Ruth Julin in 1949.  
Bill Julin was from Chicago and was the President of the Marketing dept
for Marshall Fields.  Ruth was raised in the Holland, MI area.  She
graduated from Fennimore High School in Michigan.  Ruth moved to Chicago
and was an auditor.

Julin Printing is a commercial, sheet-fed, high quality printer.  If we
could assist with any of your printing needs, please call (800-752-6782)
or email

I did not ask her permission to print her email. I consider it free advertisement for her company. Please don't sue us. We have no money anyway.

2 I have hard time telling Sifl and Olly apart from their voices alone. I've done the best I can here, if you have some insight let me know. Better yet if you have a video clip that would be wonderful.

MTV and "Sifl and Olly" are trademarks of MTV Networks. We mean no disrespect. And to we don't really think you're a stupid printing company even if you stole my friend's soul and turned it into a web page. No apologies to Jim's Unofficial Iomega page since it's just THE Unofficial Iomega page now and that's silly to have it

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