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September 8, 2002 Integrious adj. obsolete. rare. -- Marked by integrity. integriously adv

Now this is word that we all decided didn't exist, but people insisted on using. Finally found it, after much looking, in the Oxford English Dictionary. It does however call it obsolete. Still don't find it at or Mirriam-Webster. It does however exist at

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    More info follows:

    [irreg. f. F. inthgre or L. integer, integr- (see INTEGER) + -I-OUS; (as if from a L. integris.) Cf. INTEGROUS.]

    1658 SIR H. SLINGSBY Diary (1836) 201 Such was their integrious candor and intimacy to me in my greatest extremes. Ibid. 208 Being so integriously grounded, as it admitted no alloy or mixture with By-respects or self-interests.

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