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Mrs. White is dying to know who created this fabulous, informative website. So, we created this web page to inform her!

Maria is a freshman at the University of Michigan. She is planning on majoring in Biochemistry. She enjoys singing, dancing, running, shopping, and spending time with friends and family. She is from Fraser, a small town in Michigan, but has big goals for the future. She hopes to become a medical researcher and find a cure to a disease! She has a deep desire to visit all 50 states and is almost half way to her goal. Her favorite board game is Scattergories! Maria
Arielle Arielle transfered to Michigan, so is being forced to finish up all of her introductory classes at U of M. So to make a very long story short, she should be a senior! She is majoring in Neuroscience, and plans to attend medical school. She does not enjoy the stress of science career path - this semester she's been treking her way through the carbo jungle and biochemical pathways. She often wishes she had gone to art school instead. She has played 9 different sports, traveled to Italy for a semester, has an awesome boyfriend, and enjoys sunbathing at the beach (just for a few random facts...). All she really likes to do is have a good time!!!!!!!!!!!! Only two more weeks until summer!!!! Oh, and one more thing - she HATES boardgames (but don't tell).
Paul is a sophomore at the University of Michigan, and he is originally from Sterling Heights, Michigan. He is majoring in Spanish and Neuroscience. In the future, he plans to attend medical school and become a surgeon. He enjoys traveling, reading, and hiking. His favorite board game is Stratego. Paul