Chloe Armstrong

Assistant Professor, Lawrence University.


I work primarily on topics in early modern philosophy.  

In my dissertation I defend the view that Leibniz is a necessitarian   he thinks that all truths are metaphysically necessary.  I argue that Leibniz's accounts of contingency are meant to show how he can find surrogate notions of contingency within his necessitarian framework.  I explore the importance of these surrograte notions for Leibniz's understanding of possible worlds, divine and human freedom, and the laws of nature.

Here is an abstract. 

I am also interested in Leibniz's subsequent intellectual influence.  In “Bolzano, Kant and Leibniz" (2014), Sandra Lapointe and I examine the Kantian and Leibnizian origins of Bolzano's notion of analyticity.  I have additional research interests in contemporary metaphysics and epistemology, as well as early analytic philosophy.


Fall 2015 I am teaching Freshman Studies 100 at Lawrence University.  

Winter 2016 I am teaching Intro to Philosophy 100, and History of Philosophy 200: Aristotle and Plato, at Lawrence University.


Curriculum Vitae

Department of Philosophy

Lawrence University

711 E. Boldt Way

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Upcoming talks

"Necessitarianism in Leibniz's Theodicy"

Southwest Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy, 27 February 2016.