Dr. Charles J. Antonelli

The University of Michigan
Ann Arbor

Charles J. Antonelli is a High Performance Computing Consultant in the Research Computing Support group of LSA Information Technology at the University of Michigan, where he is responsible for high performance computing and research support.

Dr. Antonelli's efforts while in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at U-M included designing the real-time, parallel, automated data ingestion component of a novel data assimilation system for earth science data (NSF Grant No. 1047871). At the Center for Information Technology Integration, he built NTAP, a secure distributed network testing and performance tool based on Globus and GARA, and developed and taught a hundred contact-hour security training course for campus administrators. Past work there includes the secure packet vault and the RDMA transport layer for NFSv4 projects.

He has taught courses in operating systems, distributed file systems and C++ programming in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, developed and taught advanced security training courses for Information Technology Security Services, and taught Database Application Design and Security in the Digital World in the School of Information, all at U-M.

Dr. Antonelli received dual B.S.E. (cum laude) and the M.S.E. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Michigan, the latter for research in exception handling in parallel environments, working with Richard Volz. He fondly recalls Dick teaching him how to patch *ASM object code using REP loader records. He has been a Member of Technical staff at Bell Laboratories, where he worked on the No. 5 ESS.

Updated: 25 May 2019