List of Individuals who sent e-mail subsequent to the last issue.

Michael Batty
Sutapa Chaudhuri
Chuck Drake
Cosette Grabb
Bruno Granier
Joan Gerard
Karen Hart
Lauren Hoffman
Ann E. Larimore
John D. Nystuen
Kris S. Oswalt
Waldo Tobler
Richard Wallace
Carlo Werlen

Correspondence concerning a previous Solstice Article:
From John Nystuen:

Dear Sir,

   Thank you very much for the reference to the interesting article by Mr. Heilbron.
John Nystuen

--On Saturday, November 24, 2007 9:33 AM +0100 Jan Eskildsen <> wrote:

Dear Sir

at this page... you write: "It could be closely predicted but I speculate that the theory might have
been backed up by empirical observations made throughout the seasons. "  the answer is, they knew already how to do it, look here

From Mike Batty:

andy posted something on his blog about yesterday  the michigan e-social science meeting is at  later today tomorrow and tues am