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Volume XVIII, Number 1, 2007

Front matter:  June, 2007.


Article (reviewed)
Peter Martin, Spatial Analysis through the Looking Glass

Sandra Lach Arlinghaus,
3D Atlas of Ann Arbor, 3rd Edition


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Volume XVII, Number 2, 2006

Front matter:  December, 2006.

Editorial Board, Advice to Authors, Mission Statement.


Articles (reviewed):


Volume XVII, Number 1, 2006


Front matter: June, 2006.  Editorial Board, Advice to Authors, Mission Statement.

Articles (reviewed):

Research Announcement:
Book Reviews:
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Volume XVI, Number 2, 2005 Articles (reviewed):

Volume XVI, Number 1, 2005 In Memoriam Articles (reviewed): Research Announcements Mail

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Volume XV, Number 1, 2004 Articles (reviewed, except where noted):

Volume XV, Number 2, 2004

Articles (reviewed): Notes, Research Announcements, and Observations Mail
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Volume XIV, Number 1, 2003

Articles (reviewed): Special section, I, on Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Volume XIV, Number 2, 2003 Articles (reviewed):

Volume XIII, Number 1, 2002 Research Note:  Articles (reviewed): Mapping Projects, Urban Planning 507, 2002
The University of Michigan 

Interactive Internet Maps:

Animated Maps: Materials Received

Volume XIII, Number 2, 2002

Articles (reviewed):
Volume XII, Number 1, 2001

Volume XII, Number 2, 2001
Volume XI, Number 1, 2000
Front matter: Summer, 2000
    Editorial Board, Advice to Authors, Mission Statement.
John D. Nystuen
    Set in Stone:  An Analemma in Northern Italy
Richard Wallace
    Personal Reflections on Solar Power
Sandra Lach Arlinghaus
    Animaps, IV:  Of Time and Place
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Book Review.
Review of:  Arundhati Roy, The Cost of Living, Modern Library, 1999, 126 pp., $11.95 (pap.).
Reviewer:  Richard Wallace.

Volume XI, Number 2, 2000
Front matter: Winter, 2000
     Editorial Board, Advice to Authors, Mission Statement.
To the Memory of Donald Frederick Lach, 1917-2000
John D. Nystuen, Photo Essay
     Fifty Years of Spatial Analysis:  A Symposium in Honor of William L. Garrison  1950-2000
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Sandra L. Arlinghaus and Lloyd R. Phillips
     A Neighborhood Information System within Ann Arbor, Michigan
Courtney Gober
     Animaps, Again
Nakia D. Baird
     Animap Sequences
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Volume X, Number 1, 1999
Front matter: Summer, 1999.  Editorial Board, Advice to Authors, Mission Statement.
Dedication  To John D. Nystuen, on the occasion of his retirement from The University of Michigan
John D. Nystuen, Metropolitan Mining: Institutional and Scale Effects on the Salt Mines of Detroit
Sandra L. Arlinghaus and William C. Arlinghaus. Animaps III:  Color Straws, Color Voxels, and Color Ramps.
Richard Wallace.  Book Review:  André I. Khuri, Thomas Mathew, and Bimal K. Sinha, Statistical Tests for Mixed Linear Models, John Wiley & Sons, 1998, 352 pp., $69.95 (cloth).
Seema Desai Iyer.  Book Review:  Castells, Manuel (1996). The Rise of the Network Society (The Information Age: Economy, Society and Culture, Volume 1). Malden, MA: Blackwell Publishers, Inc. (556 pages, bibliography 51 pages, index 23 pages).

Volume X, Number 2, 1999
Front matter: Winter, 1999
    Editorial Board, Advice to Authors, Mission Statement.
    E-mail from readers
    Festschrift: Nystuen CD
Jeffrey A. Nystuen
    Listening to Raindrops
Sandra L. Arlinghaus
    A Map of Jackson, Mississippi
Books Received; Brief Summaries:
    Julius S. Bendat, Nonlinear Systems Techniques and Applications
    Paul M. DeRusso, Rob J. Roy, Charles M. Close, Alan A. Desrochers, State Variables for Engineers
Volume IX, Number 1, 1998
Cover and table of content
Front matter: Summer, 1998.  Editorial Board, Advice to Authors, Mission Statement.
Sandra L. Arlinghaus, William D. Drake, and John D. Nystuen with data and other input from:  Audra Laug, Kris S. Oswalt, and Diana Sammataro.  Animaps.
Frank E. Barmore (reprinted, in part, from The Wisconsin Geographer (with permission)).
Spatial Analysis, the Wisconsin Idea and the UW-System.  The Use and Abuse of Dispersion Statistics
Sandra L. Arlinghaus, Ruben De la Sierra.  Revitalizing Maps or Images?
John D. Nystuen.  Book Review:  The Universe Below by William J. Broad  (New York: Simon and Schuster, 1997, 432 pages)

Volume IX, Number 2, 1998
Front matter:  Winter, 1998.  Editorial Board, Advice to Authors, Mission Statement.
Sandra Lach Arlinghaus.  Animated Four Color Theorem:  Sample Map.
Sandra Lach Arlinghaus.  Animaps, II.
Daniel Albert.  Book Review:  Rising Tide: The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 and How it Changed America, by John M. Barry
Volume VIII, Number 1, 1997
Front matter: Summer, 1997 Editorial Board, Advice to Authors, Mission Statement.
Author: John D. Nystuen. Why Whales Don't Freeze or Kidney-Shaped Airports: Spatial Analysis and Spatial Design.
Author: Frank Harary. To the Memory of Clyde Tombaugh, 1906-1997.

Volume VIII, Number 2, 1997
Front matter:  Winter, 1997.  Editorial Board, Advice to Authors, Mission Statement.
John D. Nystuen.  The Photographic Record.  SunSweep:  A Visit on the Summer Solstice.
Sandra L. Arlinghaus, Frederick L. Goodman, Daniel A. Jacobs. Buffers and Duality.
Sandra L. Arlinghaus, William C. Arlinghaus.  A Graph Theoretic View of the Join-Count Statistic.
John D. Nystuen, Andrea I. Frank.  Differences in Feature Representation in Digital Map Bases.
Volume VII, Number 1, 1996
John D. Nystuen, Rhonda Ryznar, Thomas Wagner. "The Greening of Detroit, 1975-1992: Physical Effects of Decline."
Sandra Lach Arlinghaus. "Algebraic Aspects of Ratios."
Daniel Jacobs. "U.S. Route 12 Buffer."

Volume VII, Number 2, 1996
Sandra Lach Arlinghaus. "Web Fractals: An Overview."
Sandra Lach Arlinghaus. "Part II. Elements of Spatial Planning. Theory. Merging Maps: Node Labeling Strategies.
Volume VI, Number 1, 1995
Richard Wallace: "Motor Vehicle Transport and Global Climate Change: Policy Scenarios."
Sandra L. Arlinghaus, William C. Arlinghaus, John D. Nystuen: "Discrete Mathematics and Counting Derangements in Blind Wine Tastings."

Figures for Volume VI, Number 1, 1995

Volume VI, Number 2, 1995
Sandra Lach Arlinghaus: "Elements of Spatial Planning: Theory. Part I."
Volume V, Number 1, 1994
Virginia Ainslie and Jack Licate: "Getting Infrastructure Built. Cleveland Infrastructure Team Shares Secrets of Success."
Frank E. Barmore: "Center Here; Center There; Center, Center Everywhere."
Barton R. Burkhalter: "Equal-Area Venn Diagrams of Two Circles: Their Use with Real-World Data."
Sandra L. Arlinghaus, William C. Arlinghaus, Frank Harary, John D. Nystuen. "Los Angeles, 1994--A Spatial Scientific Study."

Volume V, Number 2, 1994
Sandra L. Arlinghaus, William C. Arlinghaus, Frank Harary: "The Paris Metro: Is its Graph Planar?"
Sandra Lach Arlinghaus: "Interruption!"
Reprint. Michael F. Dacey: "Imperfections in the Uniform Plane."
Volume IV, Number 1, 1993
Sandra L. Arlinghaus and Richard H. Zander: "Electronic Journals: Observations Based on Actual Trials, 1987-Present."
John D. Nystuen: "Wilderness As Place."
Frank E. Barmore: The Earth Isn't Flat. And It Isn't Round Either: Some Significant and Little Known Effects of the Earth's Ellipsoidal Shape."
Sandra Lach Arlinghaus: "Micro-cell Hex-nets?"
Sandra L. Arlinghaus, William C. Arlinghaus, Frank Harary: "Sum Graphs and Geograhic Information."

Volume IV, Number 2, 1993
William D. Drake, S. Pak, I. Tarwotjo, Muhilal, J. Gorstein, R. Tilden. "Villages in Transition: Elevated Risk of Micronutrient Deficiency."
Volume III, Number 1, 1992
Harry L. Stern: "Computing Areas of Regions with Discretely Defined Boundaries."
Sandra L. Arlinghaus, John D. Nystuen, Michael J. Woldenberg: "The Quadratic World of Kinematic Waves."

Volume III, Number 2, 1992
Reprint. Frank Harary: "What Are Mathematical Models and What Should They Be?"
Frank E. Barmore: "Where Are We? Comments on the Concept of Center of Population."
Sandra L. Arlinghaus and John D. Nystuen: "The Pelt of the Earth: An Essay on Reactive Diffusion."
Volume II, Number 1, 1991
Sandra L. Arlinghaus, David Barr, John D. Nystuen: "The Spatial Shadow: Light and Dark--Whole and Part."

Volume II, Number 2, 1991
Reprint. Saunders Mac Lane: "Proof, Truth, and Confusion, The Nora and Edward Ryerson Lecture at The University of Chicago in 1982."
Robert F. Austin: Digital Maps and Data Bases: Aesthetics versus Accuracy."
Volume I, Number 1, 1990
Reprint. William Kingdon Clifford: "Postulates of the Science of Space."
Sandra Lach Arlinghaus: "Beyond the Fractal."
William C. Arlinghaus: "Groups, Graphs, and God"

Volume I, Number 2, 1990
John D. Nystuen: "A City of Strangers: Spatial Aspects of Alienation in the Detroit Metropolitan Region."
Sandra Lach Arlinghaus: "Scale and Dimension: Their Logical Harmony."
Sandra Lach Arlinghaus: "Parallels Between Parallels."
Sandra L. Arlinghaus, William C. Arlinghaus, and John D. Nystuen: "The Hedetniemi Matrix Sum: A Real-world Application."
Sandra Lach Arlinghaus: Fractal Geometry of Infinite Pixel Sequences: "Super-definition" Resoultion?"

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