You won't believe this, but I actually traded this little baby away (02/15/03), breaking my "never done that" after 23 years of collecting. For the mercenary among you, I traded it for two sweet Cerebus pieces: the Color Barbarian montage (originally done for Harry Kramer), and the splash page from issue #7. I am not at all a McFarlane fan, but I originally got this cover because it was a cover (after all), and I thought the composition was extremely good (esp. for you-know-you). I would have hung this on a wall, no problemo. Curiously enough, it is one of the few pieces in the whole collection that could be targeted, I think, and the collectors sniffed it right out.

I no longer own it (duh), but I will leave it here in its place of honor. The rest of the story... below.

I originally purchased this piece from the uber-cool "RomitaMan" Mike Burkey. Hi Mike! It cost $1200 in 1998. In 2006, it ended up back in Mike's hands (gotta love that). On April 18, 2006, it was up at Mike's site as "on hold" with a $6000 price tag. Yikers.