These are organized as

(a) the final coloured version,

(b) the uncolored version, and

(c) the original thumbnail sketch:






This next one was actually the first one AND the last one done. Haha. As you'll see in a moment, this scene was first done with broader lines and a more intense tone. Ger then shifted to more detail and the lighter sephia washes, which left the first one as an outlier. So, champ that he is, he re-did the first one, which is now the last one:

So this is the first version of that one:

And here is your special bonus for getting all the way to the end. In case you did not notice it, there is a second Easter Egg inside the "Gerhard Dreams" piece in addition to the "DVS." If you look at the picture on the wall above the foreground Gerhard figure, you will see a small version of this drawing (below), which Ger did for me as a surprise when he did the great wall pictures. My China pictures are posted, and he came across this one, where I was in Mongolian garb and mounted on a camel. It's a classic and hilarious picture, and all the more absurd to be treated so artistically. I had no idea at all that Gerhard had integrated it into the "Gerhard Dreams" piece, and while I could see that there was something interesting going on in that part of the drawing, it was not until I had the hi-res version that I could see what he had done. Large, silly, spotaneous grins followed.