WAR comic book SPLASH page by BOB McCARTY, published in FOXHOLE #4, published by Mainline Comics page 1 to the World War II story titled "Suicide Run." One sub against an entire task force -- an impossible mission. Or is it? From the introduction locked you in a tin can -- - put you under the Pacific Ocean... in the middle of a Jap task force! And not even Houdini can get you out of this "Suicide editor of this comic book.
Robert McCarthy, whose name is sometimes spelled as McCarty, worked as a comic book artist in the 1950s. Working mainly through the Simon/romance, war and crime stories for Feature Comics. He drew for Atlas/Marvel's Strange Tales and for the company's war titles. He did westerns James' and 'Kit Carson' for Avon/Trojan Comics. Additional credits include horror stories for Toby Press, art for Charlton's Soldier and Marine, Story Comics and contributions to Mainline, Lev Gleason and Ace Periodicals.