Interesting Links and Other Stuff:

Youtube Science (Self-Assembly, Complexity, etc)

1. Transforming Nanoscience - Sharon Glotzer on TEDx

2. What is Bionanotechnology? - Shawn Douglas & Jason Brown

3. What do the bees know and what do they do not know - Me @ Umich

4. Complexity by Geoffrey West

Sites to visit

1. Prof. H. Fleming and his inspirational (and somewhat addictive) website. In portuguese.

2. Michael Engel has a worth checking site that includes his lectures on Crystallography.

3. The Santa Fe institute also maintains a website full of nice videos and lectures.

Talks, Slides, etc

1. Complex Systems Program @ the University of Michigan (Sep, 2012) slides.

How to find me:

@ University of Michigan

Department of Chemical Engineering

2300 Hayward Street. Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2136, USA

or Online