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Speaking Option 4 (ideal future of transport in your city or country)
Listening - Predictions
I=Interviewer, L=Lianne, S=Stefan
I  This week on The Monitor, we have Lianne Bradley and Stefan Werner with us.  Theyre both futurologists.  They advise companies on the most likely future trends.  Our topic is the future of technology.  Lianne, what’s your view about the way things will go?
L  On the plus side, good things will happen in health.  Computers will find out what’s wrong with us by asking quistions and carrying out tests.  Robots will...(Technology 1, Listening scripts, p. 129, Unit 15)
from Oxford English for Careers, Technology 1 Oxford University Press, 2007, by David Bonami; with additional material by Norman Glendinning