Speaking Option 4 (ideal future of transport in your city or country)
Listening - Predictions
I=Interviewer, L=Lianne, S=Stefan
I  This week on The Monitor, we have Lianne Bradley and Stefan Werner with us.  Theyre both futurologists.  They advise companies on the most likely future trends.  Our topic is the future of technology.  Lianne, what’s your view about the
Speaking Option 3 (salesperson-and-customer-mobile phone)
A.  So what are you looking for?  Something strong but flexible at the same time, I guess?
B.  Yes, they can’t be brittle.
A.  They mustn’t break under stress.
B.  Exactly.
A.  Do you use steel?  That’s strong.
....(TechTalk Pre-Intermediate, Listening Script 20.1)
Practice Speaking for Option 2 (roller-blades)
samedi 12 mars 2011
A. Ok, so tell me about the skateboard.
B.  Right.  The body part is the deck.
A  What’s it made of?
B.  Plywood.  This means it’s light and strong.
.....(Listening scripts, p. 125, Technology 1)
Speaking Option 1 Example (discussion of preferences, and future of technology)
Speaker 1: Hmm, that’s a big question. Obviously modern technology makes our lives easier in many ways, and gives us more leisure time than we’ve ever had, but there are more things to worry about than there were in the past and stress levels are higher than they used to be. I think this can only
Technology 1 Unit 7 Manufacturing
vendredi 11 mars 2011
Manufacturing means changing raw materials into products using a range of processes. For example, in bread manufacturing, you start with the raw materials: flour, water, yeast, and fat. These materials are changed into a final product: a loaf of bread wrapped in plastic foil. They are changed into
The Eiffel Tower, “La Tour Eiffel,” is one of the most beautifully designed pieces of Engineering in the modern world. This is a picture of me in front of the Eiffel Tower in 2000, visiting my daughter, Jennifer, in Paris.
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