Word Family


Example sentence




analyse (v)




p.26 Oxford Word Power “She analysed the situation and then decided what to do.”




application (n)





p.86 Match the examples of computer use in column A with the areas of application in column B.




assembly line (n)



An assembly line is an arrangement of machines and workers to create a product. p.131



صف التجميع في مصنع




CADCAM means Computer-aided design and Computer-aided manufacturing. p.131




calm (adj)




p.89 You have to keep calm when you're under pressure.




certification (n)




p.89 I'm planning to get Microsoft




شهادة (بصدق الشيء او الصحبه)

CIM (n)



CIM means Computerintegrated

Manufacturing. p.132




CNC (n)



CNC means Computer

numerical control. p.132




colleague (n)





p.88 The name was first suggested by a colleague.





construct (v)




p.90/p.165 Oxford Word Power “Early houses were constructed out of mud and sticks.”




co-ordinate (v)





p.172 Oxford Word Power “It is her job to co-ordinate the various departments.”



ينسق (ما بين)

customized (adj)

customize (v)


'customized is an adjective meaning built or

changed according to what a particular

customer wants.p.132



صنع على مزاجك –

على طلبك

create (v)




p.90 She created a page to keep track of software updates.




الّف . كوّن

customize (v)


customized (adj)


p.90/Microsoft Encarta Dictionary “She has customized the software to suit our needs.”

to make specially, to adapt

not made-to-order

صَنَع (او بَنَى) طِبقاً لتعيينات شخصية


defect (n)





p.91/Microsoft Encarta 2006 “When the defects of others are seen with so much clarity, it is because one possesses them oneself.”-Jules Renard (1864-1910)

A defect is a fault or imperfect ion. p.132




dimension (n)





p.87 In the design and production of a car, computers can calculate dimensions from a design.






disable (v)



disabled (adj) علجز p.90/Macmillan on line Dictionary “A motorcycling accident had left her severely disabled.”


p.221 Oxford Word Power “Many soldiers were disabled in the war.”





Word Family


Example sentence




display (v,n)





p.90 Flat screens around the airport display information on all arrivals and departures. The sales clerk made a nice display of clothes in the display window of the store.





يعرض (v)


distance (n)







p.86 At the airport, or in the military, a computer can be used for calculating the exact  distance to a target.



مسافة . بعد

employee (n)





p.86 In security applications, a computer can be used for identifying an employee by his or her voice.






executive (n)




p.271 Oxford Word Power “She’s a senior executive in a computer company.”



موظف كبير في شركة ميفذ

explain (v)




p.88 She explains to a journalist some of the changes which have taken place in this industry.




يشرح . تفسر

handle (v)





p.89 You learn to think quickly and how to handle people but I wouldn't advise doing it for long.





يتعامل مع . يتصرف .


identify (v)





p.86 Using bar codes to identify items and prices is use of the computer in the area of supermarket applications.



يتعرّف على .

initial (adj)




p.409 Oxford Word Power “My initial reaction was to refuse, but I later changed my mind.”





inspect (v)





p.88 In the past, cars were inspected by real people. Now they are inspected by computers.







integrated (adj)







to integrate (v) p.90/p.415 Oxford Word Power “The two small schools were integrated into a large one.”




Macmillan Online Dictionary.  In 1962, US Attorney General Robert Kennedy had to send US Army soldiers to the University of Mississippi  to force the southern states to have integrated schools.




Segregated(adj) p.1125 Mugni Al-Kabir “Blacks and whites in the U.S.A used to go to segregated schools." مدارس مُنْفَرِدة (او) مُنْمازة

مندمج . متكامل

issue (v)




p.424 Oxford Word Power “When was the new £5 note issued?”




machine tool (n)



machine tool is a power driven

tool for cutting or shaping metals, wood, etc. p.133




machining (n)



Machining is cutting or shaping metals or wood by a machine.  p.133




manufacture (v)



manufacturer (n) p.89 Most of the manufacturers have sites which provide information.




p.476 Oxford Word Power “There is a local factory that manufactures high-quality furniture.”





Word Family


Example sentence




particular (adj)







p.559 At that particular time I was working in London.  It wasn’t until later that I moved to Bristol.”



(في ذلك الوقت)

بالذات . معيّن

peripheral (n)





p.90 A peripheral—for a computer—is a piece of secondary equipment that is connected to a computer. A peripheral is an input or

output device linked to a computer. p.133



قطعة من جهاز متصل

بالكمبيوتر ويستمل معه

لعملٍ ما

permit (v,n)





p.550 Oxford Word Power permit(v) “Food and drink are not permitted in this building.” permit(n) You need a Faculty parking permit to park here.




prepare (v)







p.90 Click on the menu for PowerPoint to prepare a presentation.






produce (v)











p.88 Designs were produced on paper but now they are produced by CAD programs.








ينتِج . بصنِع

public (n, adj)







p.89 public(n) I work for a large chain which sells building materials to the public and to

tradespeople. Public(adj) p.616 Oxford Word Power “The rubbish tip is a danger to public health




rapid (adj)





p.631 Oxford Word Power “She made rapid progress and was soon the best in the class.”




select from (p.v.)





p.90 You can select from the icons to choose which application you need.



ينتقي . يختار (شيء من)

simulate (v)



simulated is an adjective that means “done on a

computer, in a way that creates real 1life



p.719 Oxford Word Power “The astronauts trained in a machine that simulates conditions in space.”





Software (n)



The receiving computer uses special software to store the packets and put them in the right order. p.95



برامج الكمبيوتر

supplies (n)





p.88 In the past, supplies were ordered by hand.  Now they are ordered automatically by a computer program.




target (n,v)





target (n) p.86 At the airport, or in the military, a computer can be used for calculating the exact distance to a target.  target (v) p.760 “The product is targeted at teenagers.”




three-dimensional (3-D) (adj)





three-dimensional is an adjective meaning showing length, breadth, and

height, givi ng a solid appearance.  p.135



ذو ثلاثة ابعاد

Two-dimensional (2-D) (adj)



Two-dimensional is an adjectiveshowing on Iy length and height or breadth; represented on a flat

piece of paper. p.135