LDAP Documentation

A list of LDAP Frequently Asked Questions is available: This is being maintained by Mark Wahl of Critical Angle, Inc.

The SLAPD and SLURPD Administrator's Guide is available in several formats:

The LDAP Manual Pages are also available online:

LDAP has been endorsed as the directory protocol of choice by many organizations, including the University of Michigan and Netscape Communications. Read all about it in this Press Release.

Several LDAP-related RFCs have been published:

A document that describes how the University of Michigan LDAP implementation provides support for LDAP referrals is available:

A couple of LDAP-related Internet Draft documents are also available:

The next version of the LDAP protocol, LDAPv3, is being dicussed within the IETF. Documents and other information is available on Critical Angle's site:

If you need information on the X.500 standards, look at NEXOR:

U-M LDAP team members have published several LDAP-related papers, some of which are available online:

See The LDAP Page for general information about LDAP.

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