LDAP mailinglist

This list is a general forum for discussion and information relating to LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol). This list is for non-commercial uses only.

Anyone may subscribe. Only subscribers may post messages.

Basic list information

Posting messages to the list:
ldap at umich.edu (post from your subscribed e-mail address.)
ldap-request at umich.edu with Subject: subscribe
ldap-request at umich.edu with Subject: unsubscribe from your subscribed address, or send to the address in the List-Unsubscribe: header in the list messages.
Either way, a confirmation request is sent to your subscribed address.
Mailinglist archive, news mirror and RSS feed:
http://dir.gmane.org/gmane.comp.ldap.umich - see below about Gmane's e-mail address "encryption" and preventing archival of your own messages.
Contacting the list administrators:
ldap-owner at listserver.gpcc.itd.umich.edu (not @ umich.edu).
If you have problems with the list, please do not post them to the list. Use this address instead.

Subscription settings

To control how you receive messages, send commands to ldap-request at umich.edu with the following Subject: header or message body, or use the web interface:

What kind of messages to receive:
set mail Normal mail.
set digest Daily digest with the messages of the day. Note: Change Subject when replying. Posts with "ldap DIGEST" in the Subject: header are rejected.
set mimedigest MIME digest (nicer if your mail reader supports it).
set index Daily index with the subjects of the messages of the day. You can retrieve the messages later.
set nomail No mail - like unsubscribe except you can still post messages.
(index or nomail may be useful for vacations or if you usually read the list via Gmane.)
Receive copies of your own postings:
set repro / norepro Yes / no (default: yes).
Receive confirmation messages when your posts are distributed:
set ack / noack Yes / no (default: no).
Some other functions:
set email=<addr> Change subscribed address. Send this from your old address.
query Request a message showing your current settings.

See the Lyris list manager documentation for further details.

About the mailinglist archive

The list is archived at Gmane, a combined mailinglist archive, news mirror and RSS feed.

You can add a header to your messages to prevent Gmane from archiving them, or to control when a message should expire from Gmane. By default, messages do not expire. Of course you never know if someone else will set up an archive which does not respect such headers.

Gmane currently "encrypts" anything which looks like e-mail addresses in the archive, to frustrate spammers. We may have to turn this feature off if it becomes inconvenient. Mail to encrypted addresses is delivered, but first the sender is asked to confirm that he exists.

Note that Gmane is not related to the list's internal archive, where messages are stored temporarily so subscribers using the index subscription option can retrieve messages.

General LDAP info

LDAP - Lightweight Directory Access Protocol - is defined in RFC 3377 and related RFCs. It was invented at the University of Michigan, which is still hosting this mailinglist.

Some LDAP resources:

ldap-owner at listserver.gpcc.itd.umich.edu; last change: 2005-12-06.