Reading Chinese Texts with Clavis Sinica

Clavis Sinica is a powerful Chinese text reader and dictionary program that enables you to read any digitized Chinese text and to learn the characters it contains. Any of the texts included in the Chinese Text Sampler can be read and studied using this software. When you open a Chinese text in the Clavis Sinica text reader window, you can click on any unfamiliar word or character to view its English meaning, and to see and hear its pinyin pronunciation. Double-clicking on a character opens an additional window showing an analysis of the character into its radical and phonetic parts. From here you can view lists of other characters using either of these parts or a list of compound words and phrases using the selected character. Any Chinese text can be viewed using either simplified or traditional characters, regardless of the coding method used. You can try reading one of the Sampler texts online using a simplified web-based version of Clavis Sinica called the Chinese Text Reader.

To read a text from the Chinese Text Sampler using this software, simply download the text from the Sampler webpage to your computer, and then open it from within the Clavis Sinica program. You can find complete information about the program, including detailed feature lists, sample screen views, and user comments, at

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