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I am Arthur F. Thurnau Professor, John Dewey Distinguished University Professor of Philosophy and Women's & Gender Studies, and Max Shaye Professor of Public Philosophy. I teach courses in ethics, social and political philosophy, political economy, philosophy of the social sciences, and feminist theory. My research focuses on democratic theory, equality in political philosophy and American law, racial integration, the ethical limits of markets, the philosophy of work, theories of value and rational choice (alternatives to consequentialism and economic theories of rational choice), pragmatism, social epistemology, and feminist epistemology and philosophy of science.  I am currently working on the history of egalitarianism and challenges to creating a society of equals.  I designed and was the first Director of the Program in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics.

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Hijacked: How Neoliberalism Turned the Work Ethic Against Workers and How Workers Can Take It Back

Elizabeth Anderson
Hijacked: How Neoliberalism Turned the Work Ethic Against Workers and How Workers Can Take It Back
Look Inside
Cambridge University Press

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The Imperative of Integration
By Elizabeth Anderson

Sample Chapter

Table of Contents

Précis of The Imperative of Integration in Poverty and Race 20.4 (2011), published by the Poverty and Race Research Action Council

Podcast interview of author by Robert Talisse
, on New Books in Philosophy

Symposium on The Imperative of Integration in Gender, Race and Philosophy: The Blog

Winner of the American Philosophical Association's 2011 Joseph B. Gittler Award
, for "an outstanding scholarly contribution in the field of the philosophy of one or more of the social sciences."

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To order my first book, Value in Ethics and Economics, go here.


Winter 2024: PHIL 367: 19th c. Social & Political Philosophy
                       PPE 300: Introduction to Political Economy

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Reference Works

Annotated Bibliography on Race, Gender, and Affirmative Action

The Geography of Race in the U.S. (with Jeff Jones)

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"How not to Criticize Feminist Epistemology: Review of Pinnick, Koertge, and Almeder's Scrutinizing Feminist Epistemology"

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