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Check out the links below. If the link is active, Guestbooks or mailing lists are available to help share family tree research! Of course, feel free to email me with questions about the family names below. If you want the family tree details for these surnames in a web page format, click here. If you want the original GED file, click here instead. I have omitted details on living persons. If you are a relative and need details on a living person, drop me an email.

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Vandenbossche Decoster Michaux
Beeckman Lockwood Zollner
Clemons Warrenner Wagner
Barss McClellan Belanger
Beeman Quigley Hubbard

Wondering how to get started with your own genealogy work? The LDS (Mormon) Church is extremely helpful and in Spring 1999 the Mormons launched a new website at I think that website will be destined to become the most important portal for genealogical research. They have an AMAZING library in Salt Lake City that is the best place on earth for genealogical work. I highly recommend a trip there after you have done your preliminary investigations. Good luck in your research and be sure to share it with the rest of your family as I have done here!