In our great country England, in a town not too far from you, there is a nice and large estate where there lives a little boy named Little Tom. He is named after his father, Sir Thomas, but everyone calls him Little Tom. He has chestnut-colored locks, a noble brow, and always looks the gentleman in his miniature gentleman's suit. Everyone thinks that Little Tom is a handsome boy with a genteel look and will grow up to be a fine gentleman. However, there are times when Little Tom does not act like the gentleman he will become.

For instance, look at Little Tom now. He has his lesson on Latin with his tutor Mr. Humphrey Dullard, but he can not sit still. He keeps looking out the library window when he should be copying his Latin.

"The sun is shining so beautifully outside and the birds are chirping so happily. I want to go outside and see the world," Little Tom says to himself. "I am sick of being the noble gentleman; I am sick of being the older brother who takes care of my stupid sister; and I am sick of learning these boring lessons!"

Little Tom has an idea, a brilliant, but mischievous idea. He waits until his tutor begins to nod off (as he usually does) and then, he springs from his chair, jams his tutor's ridiculous French wig over his eyes, and then springs out the window onto a bed of soft green grass.

" I am FREE!" Little Tom shouts.

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