Journal Fragments


CJ Munoz



By D.T. Egerton, 1823. © Corporation of London


Friday, December 1st

Today was a pretty lousy day. We got to London all right, but shortly after we arrived I lost my wallet and the time travel device. I suspect that some pickpocket took them. I don't have the courage to tell Meghan or Samantha. It doesn't really matter right now anyway. I'm sure I'll be able to figure something out before Monday. I thought about going to the police, but then I remembered that there is no unified police force in England during the Eighteenth Century. Also, I would have to prosecute the criminal myself, which can be a very expensive process, and even if I still had my wallet, I'm sure that my money is no good here. Samantha and Meghan went off on their own, and I decided to learn the art of pickpocketing for myself.


Saturday, December 2nd

I hooked up with a group of thieves today, telling them I was from America. They were fascinated by the colonies, and let me join their group after I stole them some meat for dinner. That wasn't a problem. They gave me a lot of pointers about where to find the best victims, and what types of items could be easily disposed of. I asked them if they had seen a small, black object (I refrained, of course, from telling them its purpose), but none of them knew about it. They suggested that I head to the River Thames, since that was a hotbed of criminal activity.


Monday, December 4th

I've finally got some money from my ever-increasing pickpocketing skills, but I still haven't found the time travel device. I can't go back and face the others until I have it.



Friday, December 8th

I found something interesting (but depressing) today. I was relieving an older gentleman of his money when I noticed some papers in his coat. I took them out of curiosity, and I'm glad I did. They're some of Meghan's journal pages. I'm not sure exactly what happened to her, but the tone of her final entry worries me. I hope she's ok.


Monday, December 11th

Conditions in this city are terrible! It is incredibly filthy, and there are so many people without money. It's no wonder so many turn to crime, especially petty theft. Unfortunately, the government's attempts to stop crime have led to stricter punishments. There are over two hundred different crimes that warrant the death penalty now (Reith, 9)!


Tuesday, December 12th

More bad news today. I finally found the young boy who stole the device, but I was caught when trying to steal it back. Unfortunately, the man who caught me was a staunchly honest individual, and he will be prosecuting me. I expect to be on trial shortly.


Wednesday, December 13th

I was sentenced to transportation today. Where, they did not tell me. I was lucky to get away with that, since so many thieves are now receiving harsher punishments. I passed fleet prison today on my way to trial, and I was shocked to see Samantha at the gate, begging with the other prisoners! I approached her, and she handed me some journal pages. She gave me the idea to bury them so that they might be unearthed in the year 2000. I will do my best, but now that my fate is sealed I do not know if I will be able to hide them. Who knows what awaits me wherever I end up...