"Samuel Child's famous recipe for brewing a good commercial ale to sell at 5d. a quart was as follows:" (30).

For one barrel of ale:

-Two and half bushels of malt

-Two and half pounds of hops

- Three pounds of sugar

One pennyworth each of capsicum, coriander, cocculus indicus and salt.

"John Tuck's recipe for the private brewing of ale works out to be considerable stronger than Child's commercial brew:" (31).

For one barrel of ale:

-Four bushels of malt

-Six pounds of hops (if intended for immediate drinking)

-Eight pounds of hops (for keeping ale)

"John Pitt's recipe works out even stronger:" (32)

For one barrel of ale:

-Four and half a bushels of malt

-Two and a quarter pounds of hops (to drink within the month)

-Nine pounds of hops (to keep a year)

For a more bitter ale use a further half pound of hops per bushel