Miranda Hobbs

Written by Carrie Bradshaw

Are the men of today less threatened by a woman's power or are they just acting?

Women in the workforce of today's society is but a normal occurrence. Women of today, the twenty first century, live independently, work to make their own money, live alone, and most importantly live by their own standards. Women weren't always lucky enough to have it this way though, and infamous women of the past have climbed endless mountains for us to be where we are today.

Eliza Haywood, you are one of those women. In a time where women couldn't have a life outside a man's, you were the exception. Not only did you live a single life in a time when marriage was society's standard, but you were amongst those who worked. When I say those, I mean men. You were a woman in a man's world. You wrote when you were told you couldn't, you were outcast when you wrote as well, if not better than men. You were far from afraid to write about the topics that were controversial and bold. Though you may have been a deviant of society, you gave women a chance and we have you to thank. In your time, men looked at women as a person below them who is to be controlled by them. Women had no power, nor any say against men. This way of life was non-threatening to men, and that's how they liked it.

Have men changed in our modern world? Perhaps, by some degree. It is no longer up to men whether or not they want women in the work place, because they have no choice in the matter. Thanks to women who paved the way in history, we are here to stay. And men beware, because women have a drive to be at the top, and we just may be your boss. We have grown from a population who was controlled and repressed, to one that is independently determined and successful. You men will never hold us down again.

I think men will always be threatened by women because women have a bond with each other for a fate of success. They may act as if they are not threatened, by as we women know, that is simply their ego talking. Their fear of female success and rise has not changed over the centuries, it is the fact that now they have no say in the matter, and they must learn to live with the fact that women are powerful.