Crossing the English Channel is the first of many dangers when embarking on the Grand Tour. Most travelers develop seasickness when crossing the Channel, which makes for an unpleasant voyage. Once the tourists arrive on the continent, they must choose whether to continue traveling via sea or land. For example, after traveling through France, one must select either boating on the Mediterranean or crossing the Alps. Neither choice is an attractive prospect to most travelers. When sailing upon the Mediterranean, one risks the lurking danger of storms and winds. Small vessels are vulnerable to strong storms because of their dependence upon the wind. Travelers may be detained for weeks, longer than expected while traveling the high seas. Because of these dangers on the sea, a majority of travelers choose to travel via land and cross the Alps. However, crossing the Alps presents dangerous aspects as well. The Alps are less hazardous yet equally as unpredictable as the sea. When crossing the Alps, the seasonal factors highly determine the length and comfort of one’s journey.


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