Travel Guidelines


Prior to beginning one’s journey, one must acquire a health certificate noting satisfactory health and that one has not contracted any diseases. A passport must also be acquired. Some countries require an additional passport recognized by their government. Be sure to obtain your passport immediately. Leaving Britain will be the easiest part of one’s journey. The hardships arise when requesting entrance into foreign countries or cities. One is a subject under the control of foreign officials and governments. As a British traveler, one will be examined at many different control points throughout his journey. Most towns are still walled with military posts. Travelers are required to stop at every checkpoint to identify and verify one’s official documents, declare purpose of travel, and state the whereabouts of one’s travel within the desired country. Following this interrogation, the guards often accompany travelers to their accommodations to verify the accuracy of one’s personal information and travel itinerary. During times of political strife, these procedures are intensified due to untrustworthiness and fear; many tourists are often affected by these hostilities regardless of the British position.




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