War and Crime:

In order for our audience to greater understand the consequences and dangers of travel because of wars and conflicts throughout Europe, below is a timeline to enhance education and awareness. 1702-1713 War of Spanish Succession 1730 The threat of war of Italy. However, tourism has not ceased. 1756-1763 The Seven Years War affects tourism due to deteriorating Anglo-Frence relations. 1789 The French Revolution did not end tourism. In fact, some tourists flocked toward France with political interest. However, carriages stopped running and an increasing antagonism towards foreigners develops. By the 1780šs, tourism is accustomed to the problems posed by revolutionary governments. Therefore, tourism is taking a new route. Italy remains largely unaffected by conflict and many tourists still go on the Grand Tour through this country. However, in France the French revolutionary government has a different attitude towards British tourists in wartime than that of its predecessors. Now the continent is less accessible, less comprehensible, and hostile. In essence, the old-fashioned Grand Tour is a victim of this change.

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