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                                ELCOME TO 18TH CENTURY ENGLAND.

Although you have been selected to be among the first 21st century humans privileged enough to travel back in time, you are probably asking yourself, "Now that I have traveled back to the 18th century, what am I going to do for fun?" Do not worry, my friend, that is where I fit in. Did I not introduce myself? Sorry, how rude of me. My name is David Garrick, 18th century love god and hero of the Shakespearean stage. I am an excellent host, have an amazing wit about me, and lucky for you have been kind enough to plan a little trip for us. I have arranged a series of fun and inexpensive activities that will show you how to live it up like a 18th century commoner. What? You think you deserve to be treated like royalty? Well, the commoners have more fun anyways. Below is a sneak peak at the activities that I have planned. After you have read our itinerary, click on the link to begin your trip.  I have enclosed a photograph so that you can find me at each planned activity.

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A First-Hand Look at Popular Culture of 18th Century England


It is I, David Garrick.


1- Visit a traditional May Day  celebration- Explore the customs and  rituals around the May 1st celebration

2- Listen to a ballad and skim through an 18th century chapbook..

3- Visit a 18th century fair featuring the famous "Bearded Lady" and the

     "Seven-legged Horse."

4- Take a stroll though one of London's famed pleasure


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