in Eighteenth Century England

Welcome! This website is designed to help one acquire knowledge about the individual's relationship with money in eighteenth century England. This site focuses on economic aspects salient to English men and women of different classes in the eighteenth century. How much would a person expect to pay for different types of education? How was money distributed within families? What did banks of the period offer? You can find the answers to these questions and many more of their type here.

There is a wealth of knowledge available for those so inclined to browse. Many of the pages contain interactive features designed to give you a feel of money of the time period. Looking for a particular topic? See the descriptions below to locate your interest.

Invest in Your Life
See how life decisions can affect your socioeconomic status in this "choose-your-own-adventure" interactive format.
Check Your Balance
Curious as to the value of coins? This page provides detailed descriptions of the currency in circulation as well as their relative worth.
Make a Deposit
See what kind of options await you at an eighteenth century bank. Find out about how banks got their starts and some of their early innovations.
Go Shopping.
Take E-Bay to the eighteenth century! Shop on-line across time and seas to purchase goods from your favorite merchants.