Some potato facts

The potato is about 80% water and 20% solids.[6]
An 8-ounce baked or boiled potato has only about 100 calories. [7]
The average American eats 137.9 pounds of potatoes each year. [5]
- 50.7 pounds of fresh - 55.3 pounds of frozen potatos. (french fries, hash browns, etc)
- 16.9 pounds of potato chips.
- 13 pounds of dehydrated potato. (mashed potato flakes, au gratin mixes, etc)
- 2 pounds of canned potato.
The world's largest potato chip was produced by the Pringle's Company in Jackson, TN in 1990. It measures 23" x 14.5".[6]
In 1974, an Englishman named Eric Jenkins grew 370 pounds of potatoes from one plant. [7]