Class Registration

THE APPLICATION FORMS ARE NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE. The forms are available as a pdf document here. The file is approximately 1.3 MB.

This file is only for non U of M students. U of M students should just crisp into ChE 490, as detailed below.

UPDATE: We have just found out that in regards to choosing spring/summer over spring term for registration, that the University charges $250 more. So, what we have decided to do is that any student taking the spring term and not finishing by June 23 will receive a 'Y', and have until August 18th to complete the course. The 'Y' is similar to an incomplete, EXCEPT THAT when you do complete the course only the course grade will show up on your transcript (unlike an Incomplete).

NOTE: You can choose to elect the course for either Spring term or Spring/Summer term. If you take the course for Spring term , you should know that: 1. You must finish all coursework by June 23 to receive a regular grade. 2. If you do not finish all coursework by June 23rd, you will receive an incomplete (I) on your transcript for the class. If you do complete the coursework after this time , you will get a grade, but it will show up on your transcript as I/B (assuming you get a B). If you take the course for Spring/Summer term, you must be done with all coursework by August 18th. If you do not finish by this date, the same rules for receiving an incomplete apply as above.

If you have any questions regarding class registration, please e-mail Sandy Swisher.

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