CRE Asynchronous Learning

Unit 13

Energy Balance and Its Application to the CSTR


After completing Unit 13 of the text and associated website material, the reader will be able to:

  • Discuss reactor staging for adiabatic reaction
  • Discuss optimum impact temperatures

Reading Assignment

Text: Chapter 11, pages 571-581

Web: Read through the Summary Notes for Chapter 11, and do the self-tests located here

Additionally, explore the Living Example Problems, Extra Help, Additional Materials, and so on under "Useful Links" here to further your understanding of the unit.

Lecture Notes: Read through the lecture notes for Lecture 20 located here

Time Estimate: 2.5 hours

Problem Assignment

Q116AQ11-6_A,Q117AQ11-7_A, doing the five iClicker questions here




P11XP11-XWrite a two or three sentence evaluation of the Retro Thermoencabulator in the Video Link

P124A(a)P12-4_A(a), completing the Interactive Computer Game (ICG) Heat Effects 1

P124A(b)P12-4_A(b), completing the Interactive Computer Game (ICG) Heat Effects 2

Review all the audio clips and Self-Tests in Lectures 19 and 20. Pick three in each category that need to be improved. Explain why and how they need to be improved. Pick the two best in each category and explain why they are the best. Where would you suggest adding in audio clips? Finally, write a sentence stating the most confusing part in the text, on the lecture notes or add an FAQ. Submit electronically to your professor.

Time Estimate: 2.5 hours

LearnChemE Screencasts

Study Problems


Unit 13: Total Time Estimate: 5 hours