CRE Asynchronous Learning

Unit 16

Multiple Reactions with Heat Effects


After completing Unit 16 of the text and associated website material, the reader will be able to:

  • Analyze multiple reactions carried out in CSTRs, PFRs and PBRs which are not operated isothermally in order to determine the concentrations and temperature as a function of position (PFR/PBR) and operating variables.

Reading Assignment

Text: Chapter 12, pages 646-658

Web: Read through the Summary Notes for Chapter 12, and do the self-tests located here

Additionally, explore the Living Example Problems, Extra Help, Additional Materials, and so on under "Useful Links" here to further your understanding of the unit.

Lecture Notes: Read through the lecture notes for Lecture 21 located here

those for Lecture 22 located here

those for Lecture 23 located here

and those for Lecture 23 located here

Time Estimate: 2 hours

Problem Assignment

Q121AQ12-1_A,Q122AQ12-2_A, doing the five iClicker questions here


P1226CP12-26_CComprehensive Problem

Time Estimate: 3.5 hours

Study Problems


Unit 16: Total Time Estimate: 5.5 hours