CRE Asynchronous Learning

Unit 3

Rate Laws


After completing Unit 3 of the text and the associated website material, the reader will be able to:

  • Write a rate law for elementary reactions
  • Define reaction order and activation energy
  • Set up a stoichiometric table for both batch and flow systems and express concentration as a function of conversion

Reading Assignment

Text: Chapter 3, pages 75-116

Web: Read through the Summary Notes for Chapter 3, and do the self-tests located here

Additionally, explore the Living Example Problems, Extra Help, Additional Materials, and so on under "Useful Links" here to further your understanding of the unit.

Lecture Notes: Read through the lecture notes for Lecture 3 located here

Time Estimate: 2.5 hours

Problem Assignment

Q31AQ3-1_A,Q32AQ3-2_A, doing the five iClicker questions here

P31P3-1, completing the Interactive Computer Game (ICG) Staging: Reactor Sequence Optimization

P31(a,b)P3-1(a,b), emailing your answer to Professor Fogler at




List 5 ideas you learned to help you study CRE from the Video Tips on Studying and Learning Video

Time Estimate: 2.5 hours

LearnChemE Screencasts

Watch the following videos:

Study Problems



Unit 3: Total Time Estimate: 5 hours