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Unit 4

Stoichiometry of Gas Phase Reactions


After completing Unit 4 of the text and the associated website material, the reader will be able to:

  • Calculate the equilibrium conversion for both gas and liquid phase reactions
  • Write the combined mole balance and rate law in measures other than conversion
  • Set up a stoichiometric table for reactions with phase change

Reading Assignment

Text: Chapter 4, pages 117-127

Web: Read through the Summary Notes for Chapter 4

Additionally, explore the Living Example Problems, Extra Help, Additional Materials, and so on under "Useful Links" here to further your understanding of the unit.

Lecture Notes: Read through the lecture notes for Lecture 4 located here

Time Estimate: 2 hours

Problem Assignment

Q41AQ4-1_A,Q42AQ4-2_A, doing the five iClicker questions here




Read over FAQ's for Chapters 1,2 and 3 on the web. Pick one FAQ that should be eliminated, and explain the reason why. Email your answers to your professor

Write a paragraph describing how you feel you have met the objectives of Units 1 through 4.

Time Estimate: 3.5 hours

LearnChemE Screencasts

Watch the following video:

Study Problems


Unit 4: Total Time Estimate: 5.5 hours