Cobra Venom Reactions

The interaction of the venom and the antivenom with the receptor sites can be modeled as a reaction engineering catalysis problem. Examples of the reactions are given below.


Adsorption of venom onto site:
Venom Adsorption
Reaction 1
Rate Constant 1


Adsorption of antivenom onto site:
Antivenom Adsorption
Reaction 2
Rate Constant 2f
Rate Constant 2r


Reaction of venom with antivenom on site:
Venom-Antivenom Rxn
Reaction 3
Rate Constant 3


Reaction of antivenom with venom on site:
Antivenom-Venom Rxn
Reaction 4
Rate Constant 4


Reaction of venom and antivenom in blood:
Reaction 5
Rate Constant 5


Removal of product and reactants from system:
Reaction 6
Rate Constant 6
Reaction 7
Rate Constant 7
Reaction 8
Rate Constant 8


V = venom
A = antivenom
S = unoccupied receptor site
VS = site occupied by venom
AS = site occupied by antivenom
AV = neutralized product from venom/antivenom reaction