Edward Vielmetti

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  • 2002: Board of directors, Jewbilation, an interfaith Jewish organization in Ann Arbor, MI. Joined Arbor Networks as Technical Marketing Manager. Founder,
  • 2001: The Vacuum Group LLC incorporated; founder, Cisco Alumni Association; "Defensive attitude - strategies for dealing with hackers and crackers", Cisco Packet Magazine
  • 1999: Author, "The (R)evolution of Useful Web Services", IEEE Communications
  • 1998: Joined Cisco Systems
  • 1996: Presented Perils and Pitfalls of Practical Cybercommerce at ARABANK 1996, Dubai, United Arab Emirates; panelist, "Electronic Commerce in Practice: What have we learned?", Second Usenix Electronic Commerce Conference; contributor to RFC 2049 (MIME conformance)
  • 1995: Joined First Virtual Holdings
  • 1994: PC World (story with picture); contributor to RFC 1580, "Guide to Network Resource Tools; contributor to RFC 1614, "Network access to multimedia information"; contributor to RFC 1738, "Uniform Resource Locators"
  • 1993: "On the electronic frontier", Forbes Magazine (story with picture); INTEROP 1993 panel, "Commercial Use of the Internet"; contributor to RFC 1521 (Multimedia electronic mail); Foreword, Zen and the Art of the Internet (Brendan Kehoe, author)
  • 1992: Author, "Frequently asked questions about MIME (Multimedia electronic mail)
  • ; speaker, GopherCON '92; founder, portmaster-users (technical support for Livingston Portmaster terminal servers)
  • 1991: Founder, MSEN Inc.; author, "What is Usenet? A second opinion"
  • 1990: Joined OTA Limited Partnership
  • 1988: B. A. (Economics), University of Michigan, Ann Arbor MI; Member, Usenix Association. On duty when the Morris Internet Worm hit the U of Michigan campus; news interview, WDIV TV-4 Detroit.
  • 1987: Member, Internet Engineering Task Force

Edward Vielmetti
1210 Brooklyn Ave
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
+1 734 330 2465

Edward Vielmetti is ... based in Ann Arbor, MI. His primary focus at the moment is ... He has been involved with Internet development since 1985 and with commercial use of the Internet since 1989. Edward has worked for a series of pioneering and industry-leading organizations that have build systems for Internet-based securities tradiing, the first commmercial Internet service provider in Michigan, and network-based credit card processing. He was a co-author with Nathaniel Borenstein of the 1996 Communications of the ACM paper "Perils and Pitfalls of Practical Cybercommerce". He has a B.A. in Economics from the University of Michigan and is a member of the International Network of Social Network Analysts and the Internet Engineering Task Force.
Edward deeply understands the way social networks complement computer, financial, and other networks. Jerry Michalski, president Sociate, former editor Release 1.0.

My interest in networks started in about 1985 when I first got a job working on keeping e-mail flowing on the Michigan campus, and later when I was working closely with the NSFNET deployment that was headquartered here.

I honed my appreciation for and gut understanding of network dynamics working at MSEN, the first commercial Internet Service Provider based in Michigan. The subject of a 1993 story in Forbes Magazine, MSEN was a pioneer in bringing network access to individuals and companies not otherwise affiliated with Federally sponsored research. A case study of the MSEN experience was published in Arnold Kling's book "Under the Radar".

I spent more than three years at Cisco Systems, where I stitched together a career combining a lot of experience with computer networks with a deep interest and practical background in building social networks.