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Reading now.
Richard Hugo. The Triggering Town (Amazon) AADL .

Ira Winkler. Corporate Espionage (Amazon) AADL .


The best books.
Christopher Alexander, Sara Ishikawa, Murray Silverstein. A Pattern Language (Amazon) AADL .
Hm, I was thinking about this while reading Polya's How to Solve It.
What both books provide is a dictionary of heuristics; not so much hard and fast rules for doing things, but skills, techniques, and approaches that have wide use across a range of problems. And both "A Pattern Language" and "How to Solve It" use a hypertext approach to link relatively short essays densely among each other so that you can go wandering through the book following threads that are interesting.

Wayne E. Baker. Achieving Success Through Social Capital (Amazon) AADL .

Ian Dore. Seafood Scams and Frauds (Amazon) AADL .

John Gall, D.H. Gall (Illustrator). Systemantics (Amazon) AADL .

Jane Jacobs. The Death and Life of Great American Cities (Amazon) AADL .

Kay Redfield Jamison. An Unquiet Mind (Amazon) AADL .
Living with manic depression and the medicines that help to start to tame it is hard work, socially, physically, and emotionally. Kay Jamison tells her story. Especially poignant are the times when she has to come out of the closet (so to speak) and admit to her disease, no simple task when you're talking about a mental illness, and doubly so because she is a psychologist who treats patients with mood disorders.

William Strunk Jr., E.B. White, Charles Osgood, Roger Angell. The Elements of Style (Amazon) AADL .

Longacre, Doris Janzen Longacre (Photographer). Living More With Less (Amazon) AADL .

Alex F. Osborn. Your Creative Power (Amazon) AADL .

George Polya, Gyorgy Polya. How to Solve It (Amazon) AADL .
This is a book about how to approach the task of solving mathematical problems. Polya provides a roadmap for general problem solving and a short dictionary of heuristics that can be used along the way. It's a small book, the problems discussed are no harder than algebra and solid geometry, and the techniques should be accessable at the high school level (and teachable even before that). I've used the same general method as a plan of attack for the last time I did a full-scale job search. The individual techniques were different, but the basic structure is dead-on. Time for me to read it again...

James R. Vollbracht. Stopping at Every Lemonade Stand (Amazon) AADL .

Ernie J. Zelinski. The Joy of Not Working (Amazon) AADL .


wishlist items
John Adams. Risk (Amazon) AADL .
Recommended by Ross Anderson.

Christopher Alexander. The Nature of Order (Amazon) AADL .
Some details about this monumental work are at the web site of Nikos A. Salingaros, Alexander's editor for the series. "Alexander develops a comprehensive theory of how matter comes together to form coherent structures. Paralleling, but not copying, recent results from complexity theory, he argues that the same laws apply to all structures in the universe; from atoms, to crystals, to living forms, to galaxies. "

W. Brian Arthur (Editor), Steven N. Durlauf (Editor), David A. Lane (Editor). The Economy As an Evolving Complex System II (Amazon) AADL .
On the reading list for the Complex Human Networks reading group at the MIT Media Lab.

Stephen Baron (Editor), John Field (Editor), Tom Schuller (Editor). Social Capital (Amazon) AADL .

Nicholas A. Basbanes. A Gentle Madness (Amazon) AADL .

Bausch, Haughey, Hourihan. We Blog (Amazon) AADL .

Kenneth H. Blanchard, Harvey MacKay, Sheldon Bowles (Contributor). Raving Fans (Amazon) AADL .

Rebecca Blood. The Weblog Handbook (Amazon) AADL .

Anthony Bourdain. A Cook's Tour (Amazon) AADL .

John Bowe (Editor), Marisa Bowe (Editor), Sabin Streeter (Editor), Rose Kernochan (Contributor), Sabin C. Streeter. Gig (Amazon) AADL .

Sandra Boynton. Hippos Go Berserk (Amazon) AADL .
Recommended by Paul Mockapetris.

Italo Calvino, William Weaver (Translator). Invisible Cities (Amazon) AADL .

Italo Calvino, Patrick Creagh (Translator). Six Memos for the Next Millennium/the Charles... (Amazon) AADL .

Eric Carle (Illustrator), Bill, Jr. Martin. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? (Amazon) AADL .

John M. Carroll (Editor). Human-Computer Interaction in the New Millennium (Amazon) AADL .

Robert B. Cialdini. Influence (Amazon) AADL .

Don Cohen, Laurence Prusak. In Good Company (Amazon) AADL .
On the reading list for Jerry Davis's "Organizational effectiveness and social networks" class at the U of Michigan Business School.

David Crystal. Language and the Internet (Amazon) AADL .
Reviewed in the New York Times.

Tom Demarco. The Deadline (Amazon) AADL .
Recommended to me by Mohan Kartha, who writes: The book is "The Deadline" by Tom DeMarco - one of the gurus of software methodology. I consider this book a must read for anyone in the software or technology development or marketing industry. It is a great overview of the issues involved in project managment or small and large teams. There is considerable discussion of how to measure the success of a project team rather than just trying to manage "by feel".

Martin Dodge, Rob Kitchin. Atlas of Cyberspace (Amazon) AADL .

Anne Fadiman. Ex Libris (Amazon) AADL .

Claude S. Fischer. To Dwell Among Friends (Amazon) AADL .

Joseph Garcia. Sign With Your Baby Complete Learning Kit (Amazon) AADL .

Martin Gardner. The Colossal Book of Mathematics (Amazon) AADL .

William Gibson. Pattern Recognition (Amazon) AADL .

Georgia Guback. Luka's Quilt (Amazon) AADL .

Seamus Heaney. Finders Keepers (Amazon) AADL .

Lyn Hejinian. Writing Is an Aid to Memory (Amazon) AADL .

Jessica Helfand. Reinventing the Wheel (Amazon) AADL .

Michael Hiltzik. Dealers of Lightning (Amazon) AADL .

Bernardo Huberman. The Laws of the Web (Amazon) AADL .
From the announcement blurb: "Despite its haphazard growth, the Web hides powerful underlying regularities--from the organization of its links to the patterns found in its use by millions of users. Many of these regularities have been predicted on the basis of theoretical models based on a field of physics--statistical mechanics--that few would have thought applicable to the social domain." Looks like a very interesting title...

Robert R. Irvine. Called Home (Amazon) AADL .

Robert Ralsteru Irvine. Ratings Are Murder (Amazon) AADL .

George Johnson. In the Palaces of Memory (Amazon) AADL .

Ann Jonas. The Quilt (Amazon) AADL .

Michael Joyce. Liam's Going (Amazon) AADL .

Michael Joyce, Helene Cixous (Afterword). Moral Tales and Meditations (Amazon) AADL .

Steve Keen. Debunking Economics (Amazon) AADL .

Barbara Ann Kipfer. The Order of Things (Amazon) AADL .

Gary Klein. Sources of Power (Amazon) AADL .
recommended by Jim Rosbe, a study of decision making under pressure.

Bonnie Rosser Krims. The Perfect Palette (Amazon) AADL .
Anne and Doug are using this to help decorate their house. (And I should get a copy, if only to figure out what would complement the floral wallpaper in my home office that's not going away any time soon.) The idea is that you get a collection of colors that go well together (the author presents 50) so that you can easily move furniture or decorations between rooms and it will still all look OK.

Steve Krug, Roger Black. Don't Make Me Think! A Common Sense Approach to... (Amazon) AADL .

Mark Kurlansky. Cod (Amazon) AADL .

Simon St. Laurent, Edd Dumbill, Joe Johnston. Programming Web Services with XML-RPC (Amazon) AADL .

Lawrence Lessig. The Future of Ideas (Amazon) AADL .

Nan Lin (Editor), Karen S. Cook (Editor), Ronald S. Burt (Editor). Social Capital (Amazon) AADL .

Lyndon, Moore. Chambers for a Memory Palace (Amazon) AADL .

Michael Martone (Editor), Raymond Bial (Photographer). Townships (Amazon) AADL .

David W. Maurer, Luc Sante. The Big Con (Amazon) AADL .

John McMillan. Reinventing the Bazaar (Amazon) AADL .
As seen on SOCNET: A good first resource might be Reinventing the Bazaar, by John McMillan, which discusses markets in detail, and talks a bit about ways that social networks help to reveal information, enforce contracts, etc. The book's notes and bibliography can probably refer you to more SNA focused sources. Geoffrey Williams

Zbigniew Michalewicz, David B. Fogel. How to Solve It (Amazon) AADL .

Mark S. Monmonier. Bushmanders and Bullwinkles (Amazon) AADL .

Carol Garhart Mooney. Theories of Childhood (Amazon) AADL .

N/A. Jasper Johns (Amazon) AADL .

Aurealia Nelson. Musings of a Mad Madam (Amazon) AADL .

M. A. Padlipsky. The Elements of Networking Style (Amazon) AADL .

Michel Pastoureau. Blue (Amazon) AADL .

John R. Patrick, Stewart Alsop (Introduction). Net Attitude (Amazon) AADL .

Karl Polanyi, Fred Block (Introduction), Joseph Stiglitz. The Great Transformation (Amazon) AADL .

Richard Restak. Mozart's Brain and the Fighter Pilot (Amazon) AADL .

Howard Rheingold. Smart Mobs (Amazon) AADL .

Gary Rivlin. The Godfather of Silicon Valley (Amazon) AADL .

Aviva Jill Romm. Vaccinations (Amazon) AADL .

Carl Sandburg, Michael Hague (Illustrator), Juvenile Collection. Rootabaga Stories (Amazon) AADL .
Recommended by George Brett, who says "My favorite is Jason Squiff". There are 4 of the stories available online here.

Abigail J. Sellen, Richard Harper. The Myth of the Paperless Office (Amazon) AADL .
A review by Malcolm Gladwell is here at the New Yorker. Paper offers a lot of advantages - "affordances" - qualities that allow specific kinds of uses. Just try to scribble in the margins of a laptop!

Georg Simmel, Donald N. Levine (Editor), Morris Janowitz (Editor). Georg Simmel on Individuality and Social Forms (Amazon) AADL .

Keith A. Smith. Structure of the visual book (Amazon) AADL .
Noted on peterme by a bookbinder.

Andrew Solomon. The Noonday Demon (Amazon) AADL .
My brother Ray is reading this - he's an ER doc in rural Ohio.

Hugh Stretton. Economics (Amazon) AADL .

Paul Theroux (Editor), Jason Wilson. The Best American Travel Writing 2001 (Amazon) AADL .

John E. Tropman, Elmer J. Tropman. Nonprofit Boards (Amazon) AADL .

Nick Usborne. Net Words (Amazon) AADL .

M. Mitchell Waldrop. Complexity (Amazon) AADL .

Etienne Wenger, Richard McDermott, William M. Snyder. Cultivating Communities of Practice (Amazon) AADL .

Jay Winik. April 1865 (Amazon) AADL .

Stephen Wolfram. A New Kind of Science (Amazon) AADL .

Dorothy Wordsworth, Pamela Woof (Editor). The Grasmere and Alfoxden Journals (Amazon) AADL .
Journals recommended by Pat McGregor; this particular edition is the only reasonably priced one not yet in print, so it might not be the "best" one.

Frank Lloyd Wright, Patrick J. Meehan (Editor). Truth Against the World (Amazon) AADL .
Jeff Stuit writes: Just beginning to read: "Truth Against the World", which is a book of essays, speeches, and interviews by Frank Lloyd Wright, focused on his philosophy of "organic architecture", which is something that I think might bring some fresh ideas into the architecture of online resources.


Christopher W. Alexander. Notes on the Synthesis of Form (Amazon) AADL .

Michael Benedikt. Cyberspace (Amazon) AADL .

Blumenson, Pevsner. Identifying American Architecture (Amazon) AADL .

Stewart Brand. How Buildings Learn (Amazon) AADL .

Andrea Oppenheimer Dean, Timothy Hursley (Photographer). Rural Studio (Amazon) AADL .

McAlester, Rodriguez-Arnaiz. A Field Guide to American Houses (Amazon) AADL .

Steven J. Phillips. Old House Dictionary (Amazon) AADL .

Rosenfeld, Morville. Information Architecture for the World Wide Web (Amazon) AADL .

Louis Rosenfeld, Peter Morville. Information Architecture for the World Wide Web (Amazon) AADL .

Joseph Rykwert. Seduction of Place (Amazon) AADL .


Philip Ball. Bright Earth (Amazon) AADL .

Books and bookstores

Estelle Ellis (Editor), Caroline Seebohm (Editor), Christopher Simon Sykes (Editor). At Home With Books (Amazon) AADL .
Gorgeous full-color coffee table book of people and their home libraries. Books stacked on tables, books in elaborate bookcases, apartments with so many books that it's hard to walk through hallways. A good one to check out of the library.

Helene Hanff. 84 Charing Cross Road (Amazon) AADL .

Henry Petroski. The Book on the Bookshelf (Amazon) AADL .

Children's books

Allan Ahlberg, Janet Ahlberg. Each Peach Pear Plum (Amazon) AADL .

Apple, Shaw. Sheep in a Jeep (Amazon) AADL .

Debbie Bailey, Susan Huszar (Contributor). My Dad (Amazon) AADL .

Joanne Barkan, Diane Palmisciano (Illustrator). Recycler (Amazon) AADL .

Alan Benjamin, Hideo Shirotani (Illustrator). Let's Eat/Vamos a Comer (Amazon) AADL .

Sandra Boynton. But Not the Hippopotamus (Amazon) AADL .

Sandra Boynton . Moo, Baa, LA LA LA (Amazon) AADL .
One of Saul's favorite bits of poetry.

Sandra Boynton. The Going to Bed Book (Amazon) AADL .

Margaret Wise Brown, Clement Hurd (Illustrator). Goodnight Moon (Amazon) AADL .

Rose Bursik. Zoe's Sheep (Amazon) AADL .

Eric Carle. The Very Busy Spider (Amazon) AADL .

Nancy White Carlstrom, Bruce Degen (Illustrator). Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear? (Amazon) AADL .

Roald Dahl, Quentin Blake (Illustrator). Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Amazon) AADL .

Roald Dahl, Joseph Schindelman (Illustrator). Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator (Amazon) AADL .

Roald Dahl, Lane Smith (Illustrator). James and the Giant Peach (Amazon) AADL .

Bruce Degen (Illustrator). Jamberry (Amazon) AADL .
At this point Saul is past the chewing stage for books; on the down side, he really knows that he wants to be read to, and when you don't start reading right away he'll gladly throw a book at you to get you started. I'm working on that.... Jamberry is one of his current favorites (at 15 mo) and mine. I have fond memories of going berry-picking on cut-over jackpine clearings, finding blueberries near the bracken ferns. The bear in Jamberry has a lot more silly adventures, and the fun of it is all there.

Rebecca Emberley (Illustrator). My Numbers/Mis Numeros (Amazon) AADL .
four hearts / cuatro corazones

Mem Fox, Jane Dyer (Illustrator). Time for Bed (Amazon) AADL .

Paul Galdone. The magic porridge pot (Amazon) AADL .

Virginia Grossman, Sylvia Long (Illustrator). Ten Little Rabbits (Amazon) AADL .

Deborah Guarino, Steven Kellogg (Illustrator). Is Your Mama a Llama? (Amazon) AADL .

Hort, Karas. The Seals on the Bus (Amazon) AADL .

Ezra Jack Keats. Hi, Cat! (Amazon) AADL .

Ezra Jack Keats. The Snowy Day (Amazon) AADL .

Lisa Kopper. Daisy Knows Best (Amazon) AADL .

Camille Kress (Illustrator). Tot Shabbat (Amazon) AADL .

Sam McBratney, Anita Jeram (Illustrator). Guess How Much I Love You (Amazon) AADL .

Robert McCloskey. Lentil (Amazon) AADL .

Angela Shelf Medearis, Patrice Aggs (Illustrator). Eat, Babies, Eat! (Amazon) AADL .

Susan Paradis, Susan Paradise. My Daddy (Amazon) AADL .

Marcus Pfister, J. Alison James. The Rainbow Fish (Amazon) AADL .

Watty Piper, Cristina Ong (Illustrator). The Little Engine That Could (Amazon) AADL .

Patricia Polacco. Tikvah Means Hope (Amazon) AADL .

Peggy Rathmann. Good Night, Gorilla (Amazon) AADL .

Rogers, Judkis, Judkins. Going to the Potty (Amazon) AADL .

Fabien Savary. Caillou Tell Me What (Amazon) AADL .

Rafik Schami, Els Cools (Illustrator), Oliver Streich (Illustrator), Anthea Bell. Albert & Lila (Amazon) AADL .

Maurice Sendak (Illustrator), Dena Wallenstein Neusner. In the Night Kitchen (Amazon) AADL .

Seuss, Dr Seuss, Jennifer Morrish Tunberg (Translator), Terence Tunberg. Cattus Petasatus (Amazon) AADL .
The Cat in the Hat, in Latin. Thanks to tqbf for the copy.

Seuss, Geisel. Fox in Socks (Amazon) AADL .

Dr. Seuss, Theodor Seuss Geisel. Hop on Pop (Amazon) AADL .
A new favorite of Saul's (18 mo). There's a home and garden store downtown with a greenhouse that has cactuses in it -- at the moment I'm trying to teach him "cactus" as part of "No Pat No! Don't sit on that!".

Dr. Seuss. Oh, the Thinks You Can Think! (Amazon) AADL .

Dr. Seuss, Theodor Seuss Geisel. One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish (Amazon) AADL .

Dr. Seuss. The Foot Book (Amazon) AADL .
Small feet / big feet / here come pig feet // Big feet / small feet / here come Saul feet // What fun is a Seuss book if you can't add your own rhymes?

Nancy Shaw, Margot Apple (Illustrator). Sheep in a Shop (Amazon) AADL .

Ann Taylor, Public Domain, Marjorie Van Heerden (Illustrator). Baby Dance (Amazon) AADL .

Ed Vere (Illustrator). Everyone's Sleepy (Amazon) AADL .

Ellen Stoll Walsh. Mouse Count (Amazon) AADL .

Ellen Stoll Walsh. Mouse Paint (Amazon) AADL .

Jane Wattenberg. Mrs. Mustard's Beastly Babies (Amazon) AADL .

Rosemary Wells. First Tomato (Amazon) AADL .
Tomatoes are in at Farmer's Market (late Aug), and Saul really likes them (he's almost 2).

Rosemary Wells. Max's Bath (Amazon) AADL .

Rosemary Wells. Max's Bedtime (Amazon) AADL .

Rosemary Wells. Max's Ride (Amazon) AADL .

Rosemary Wells. Max's Toys (Amazon) AADL .

Rosemary Wells. Read to Your Bunny (Amazon) AADL .

David Wiesner. Free Fall (Amazon) AADL .

David Wiesner. June 29, 1999 (Amazon) AADL .

ABC books

Alphabet books
Mary Azarian. A Farmer's Alphabet (Amazon) AADL .

Lois Ehlert. Eating the Alphabet (Amazon) AADL .

Dr. Seuss. Dr. Seuss's A B C (Amazon) AADL .

Computer networks

Rob Flickenger. Building Wireless Community Networks (Amazon) AADL .

Katie Hafner, Matthew Lyon. Where Wizards Stay Up Late (Amazon) AADL .

Christian Huitema. Routing in the Internet (Amazon) AADL .

Tracy L. Laquey (Editor), Carol E. Kroll. Users' Directory of Computer Networks (Amazon) AADL .

Chris Oggerino, Christopher Oggerino. High Availability Network Fundamentals (Amazon) AADL .
Recommended by Craig Labovitz for the talk I'm working on titled "Why your packets go into a black hole".

W. Richard Stevens. UNIX Network Programming, Volume 1 (Amazon) AADL .


Susan Lammers (Editor). Programmers at Work (Amazon) AADL .

Brenda Laurel. Computers As Theatre (Amazon) AADL .

Samuel J. Leffler, Marshall Kirk McKusick, Michael J. Karels, John S. Quarterman. The Design and Implementation of the 4.3BSD UNIX... (Amazon) AADL .

Creative problem solving

James L. Adams. Conceptual Blockbusting (Amazon) AADL .

Nicholas Albery (Editor), Retta Bowen (Editor), Nick Temple (Editor), Nick Albery (Editor), Jay Walljasper (Preface), Stephanie Wienrich (Editor). The World's Greatest Ideas (Amazon) AADL .
The Institute for Social Inventions is a clearinghouse for ideas on how to improve society, one small (and sometimes quirky) new approach to an old problem at a time. Two good ideas from the book - "Sign language for babies" (sign with children before they can verbalize) and "Book pals" (paste a reader's signup sheet in circulating library books to start an ad hoc book club). And many more, mixed in with some wacky ones. I have about a dozen bookmarks in my copy, a good sign. There's a ton of similar stuff on, though I find the printed page a lot easier to deal with for some of these.

Julia Cameron. The Right to Write (Amazon) AADL .

Temple Grandin, Margaret M. Scariano (Contributor). Emergence (Amazon) AADL .

Temple Grandin. Thinking in Pictures (Amazon) AADL .

G. F. Kneller. Art and Science of Creativity (Amazon) AADL .


Alistair Cockburn. Writing Effective Use Cases (Amazon) AADL .

Edward R. Tufte. Envisioning Information (Amazon) AADL .


Mark Bryan, Julia Cameron. Money Drunk, Money Sober; 90 Days to Financial... (Amazon) AADL .
"Let us be clear: this book is not about giving up money. We're not against money." p.1.

Joe Dominguez, Vicki Robin. Your Money or Your Life (Amazon) AADL .

John De Graaf, David Wann, Thomas H. Naylor. Affluenza (Amazon) AADL .

Geri Larkin . Building a Business the Buddhist Way (Amazon) AADL .

Thomas J. Stanley (Preface). Marketing to the Affluent (Amazon) AADL .

Carl Shapiro and Hal R. Varian. Information Rules (Amazon) AADL .


Includes criminal networks
James R. Chiles. Inviting Disaster (Amazon) AADL .

Matthys Levy, Mario Salvadori, Kevin Woest (Illustrator). Why Buildings Fall Down (Amazon) AADL .

Michael Wolff (Preface). Burn Rate (Amazon) AADL .


Jorge Luis Borges, Andrew Hurley (Translator). Collected Fictions (Amazon) AADL .

Emma Bull. War for the Oaks (Amazon) AADL .

Lewis Carroll, John Tenniel (Illustrator), Martin Gardner (Introduction). Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the... (Amazon) AADL .

Lewis Carroll, Martin Gardner (Introduction), John Tenniel (Illustrator). The Annotated Alice (Amazon) AADL .

Lewis Carroll, Martin Gardner (Editor), Henry Holiday (Editor). The Hunting of the Snark (Amazon) AADL .

John Champlin Gardner, Emil Antonucci (Illustrator). Grendel (Amazon) AADL .

Ursula K. Le Guin. The Lathe of Heaven (Amazon) AADL .

Jonathan Lethem (Editor). The Vintage Book of Amnesia (Amazon) AADL .
Found this totally by accident while looking for a copy of Borges "Funes The Memorious". It's a great (and at times surreal) anthology of stories and novel excerpts on amnesia and memory loss. (unforgettable)

George Orwell, Erich Fromm (Afterword). 1984 (Amazon) AADL .

Erich Maria Remarque, A. W. Wheen (Translator). All Quiet on the Western Front (Amazon) AADL .

Tom Robbins. Even Cowgirls Get the Blues (Amazon) AADL .

Neal Stephenson. Cryptonomicon (Amazon) AADL .

Food and cooking

Linda Bladholm, Jonathan Eismann. The Asian Grocery Store Demystified (Amazon) AADL .
Good, thorough walk-through of a prototypical Asian grocery, explaining in some detail what all of the ingredients and foods you might find while browsing the aisles. A welcome holiday gift.

Frank Browning, Sharon Silva. An Apple Harvest (Amazon) AADL .

Richard H. Collin. The New Orleans underground gourmet (Amazon) AADL .

Russ Parsons. How to Read a French Fry (Amazon) AADL .

Ruth Reichl. Comfort Me with Apples (Amazon) AADL .

Ruth Reichl. Tender at the Bone (Amazon) AADL .

Rosemary Wells. Bunny Cakes (Amazon) AADL .


Mark Kurlansky. Salt (Amazon) AADL .

Maps and cartography

J. B. Harley, Paul Laxton (Editor), J. H. Andrews (Introduction). The New Nature of Maps (Amazon) AADL .
From the introduction: "All Harley's writing in this genre is fluent, zestful, and compulsively readable, but what gives his philosophical judgements their authority is the combination of a close familiarity with innumerable maps of all kinds, a seemingly total knowledge of cartographic literature, aand an unrivaled firsthand experience of map-historical research and writing." p.2.

Miles Harvey. The Island of Lost Maps (Amazon) AADL .

Mental illness

Temple Grandin, Margaret M. Scariano (Contributor). Emergence (Amazon) AADL .
See her essay "My Mind is a Web Browser".

Temple Grandin. Thinking in Pictures (Amazon) AADL .

Susanna Kaysen. Girl, Interrupted (Amazon) AADL .

Torrey, Knable. Surviving Manic Depression (Amazon) AADL .


Dewey, Comaromi, Beall, Matthews, Cockshutt. Dewey Decimal Classification and Relative Index (Amazon) AADL .
Scored four volumes of DDC 20 (1989) from the local library book sale for my reference collection.

Science Fiction

Cory Doctorow. Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom (Amazon) AADL .

Neal Stephenson. Snow Crash (Amazon) AADL .

Robert Charles Wilson. The Chronoliths (Amazon) AADL .

Social networks

Books about social networks
Wayne E. Baker. Networking Smart (Amazon) AADL .

Albert-Laszlo Barabasi . Linked (Amazon) AADL .

Ronald S. Burt. Structural Holes (Amazon) AADL .

Donna Fisher. People Power (Amazon) AADL .

Donna Fisher. Power Networking (Amazon) AADL .

Malcolm Gladwell. The Tipping Point (Amazon) AADL .
Tipping Point is worth reading for anyone bootstrapping internet businesses wondering how the word is going to get out. Ch 1. talks about three key roles (Salesmen, Mavens, Connectors) and how each of them play a particular niche in having some idea take off. Gladwell is a really good read, and he has not only done his homework but also has honed his craft on a well-read New Yorker audience.

Mark Granovetter. Getting a Job (Amazon) AADL .

Amy Jo Kim. Community Building on the Web (Amazon) AADL .

Ray Oldenburg (Editor). Celebrating the Third Place (Amazon) AADL .

Ray Oldenburg. The Great Good Place (Amazon) AADL .

Robert D. Putnam. Bowling Alone (Amazon) AADL .

Emanuel Rosen. The Anatomy of Buzz (Amazon) AADL .

Thomas J. Stanley. Networking with the Affluent (Amazon) AADL .

Stanley Wasserman, Katherine Faust (Contributor). Social Network Analysis (Amazon) AADL .

Duncan J. Watts. Six Degrees (Amazon) AADL .

Duncan J. Watts (Preface). Small Worlds (Amazon) AADL .


Rebecca Solnit. Wanderlust (Amazon) AADL .


The default status for books when they are entered.
David Allen. Getting Things Done (Amazon) AADL .
The author has a zillion ideas for getting more things done, which seem to be most ideally targetted at the person who is a book author and a motivational speaker who needs to get things done in support of those efforts. (Ergo lots of stuff about making travel arrangements.) There is I'm sure a series of motivational tapes that is the basis for the book, a lecture series, etc etc. I've picked up a few interesting ideas from it, which I will share. One is to make todo lists that are divided up by where you expect to do the tasks, not by some arbitrary work/home distinction. So if you plan to spend a lot of time getting things done on the train into work, make a todo list just for the train. A second idea that seemed interesting (and that I'm trying to follow) is to create a tickler file that you can use to mail yourself notes or documents into the future. 43 manila folders labelled 1-31 and Jan-Dec, sorted so that today's date is the "inbox" at the top. If you want to do something next Feb just stick a paper note into the Feb folder and open it up on Feb 1. I would love to see an electronic version of that.... All in all a frustrating book to deal with because the only way to really make use of it is to completely re-do the way you plan and act your life, which is tough and not necessarily desirable to do.

David S. Bennahum. Extra Life (Amazon) AADL .

Amar V. Bhide. The Origin and Evolution of New Businesses (Amazon) AADL .

Sven Birkerts (Editor). Tolstoy's Dictaphone (Amazon) AADL .

Richard Nelson Bolles. The 1998 What Color Is Your Parachute (Amazon) AADL .

Geoffrey C. Bowker, Susan Leigh Star. Sorting Things Out (Amazon) AADL .

Jill Britton. Symmetry and Tessellations (Amazon) AADL .
Web site to go with the book. My mom made a great quilt of tessellated cats.

James Brook, Iain A. Boal (Editor). Resisting the Virtual Life (Amazon) AADL .

Bruce Chatwin. The Songlines (Amazon) AADL .

William Dalrymple, Olivia Fraser (Illustrator). City of Djinns (Amazon) AADL .
Padma is reading this -- she says "Great history and travel writing".

Kenneth S. Deffeyes. Hubbert's Peak (Amazon) AADL .
Recommended by David Isenberg, who writes: "_Hubbert's_Peak_ is a short course in oil literacy and an easy, enjoyable read. Oil, like telecom, is a critical infrastructure of modern society. Like telecom, oil technology makes a chunky gumbo when mixed with economics, politics and business. Understanding oil is a prerequisite to understanding how petrodollars and petropolitics swirl around the world's power centers. But unlike telecom, humans do not create the oil supply, and the oil supply is not -- emphatically not -- doubling every 18 months. "

William C. Dement, Christopher Vaughan. The Promise of Sleep (Amazon) AADL .

Claude S. Fischer. America Calling (Amazon) AADL .

Alexander H. Frey. Handbook of Cubik Math (Amazon) AADL .

Cynthia C. Froggatt. Work Naked (Amazon) AADL .

Derryn. Hinch. The Scrabble Book (Amazon) AADL .

Douglas R. Hofstadter. Godel, Escher, Bach (Amazon) AADL .

Douglas R. Hofstadter. Metamagical Themas (Amazon) AADL .

John H. Holland, Heather Mimnaugh (Editor). Hidden Order (Amazon) AADL .

Michael Joyce. Of Two Minds (Amazon) AADL .

Norton Juster, Jules Feiffer (Illustrator). The Phantom Tollbooth (Amazon) AADL .

Arnold Kling. Under the Radar (Amazon) AADL .
Twenty-five case studies of businesses that started without venture capital on the Internet, how they grew and what sorts of problems they ran into along the way. (Case no. 19 is the ISP I was involved in in 1991-1995.) A well-researched book on lots of issues facing the small internet business, made even more relevant by the drying up of venture capital.

George Lakoff. Women, Fire, and Dangerous Things (Amazon) AADL .
Subtitle is "What categoreies reveal about the mind". I was motivated to put this up here because of all of the work I can imagine doing attaching categories to these books. "The title of this book was inspired by the Australian aboriginal language Dyirbal, which has a category, balan, that actualy includes women, fire, and dangerous things. It also includes birds that are not dangerous, as well as exceptional animals, such as the platypus, bandicoot, and echindna."

Brenda Laurel. Computers As Theatre (Amazon) AADL .

Primo Levi. The Periodic Table (Amazon) AADL .

Steven Levy. Crypto (Amazon) AADL .

Christopher Locke. Gonzo Marketing (Amazon) AADL .

Christopher Locke, Rick Levine, Doc Searls, David Weinberger. The Cluetrain Manifesto (Amazon) AADL .

Harvey Mackay. Dig Your Well Before You're Thirsty (Amazon) AADL .

Edward MacNeal. Mathsemantics (Amazon) AADL .

Gerd Meissner, Jurgen Ulrich Lorenz (Translator). SAP (Amazon) AADL .

John E. Miller. Looking for History on Highway 14 (Amazon) AADL .

Evi Nemeth, Garth Snyder, Scott Seebass, Trent R. Hein. UNIX System Administration Handbook (Amazon) AADL .

John A. Nolan. Confidential (Amazon) AADL .
"John A, III Nolan" should read "John A. Nolan, III" or just "John Nolan".

Ray Oldenburg. The Great Good Place (Amazon) AADL .

George Orwell, C. M. Woodhouse (Introduction), Russell Baker (Preface). Animal Farm (Amazon) AADL .

George Orwell. Down and Out in Paris and London (Amazon) AADL .

Phillips, Leder, Levine. Day Care ABC (Amazon) AADL .

William L. Rathje, Cullen Murphy. Rubbish! (Amazon) AADL .

Eric S. Raymond. The New hacker's dictionary (Amazon) AADL .

Ziauddin Sardar (Editor), Jerome R. Ravetz (Contributor). Cyberfutures (Amazon) AADL .

Mary McKenna Siddals, David Wisniewski (Illustrator). I'll Play With You (Amazon) AADL .

David Singmaster. Notes on Rubik's 'Magic Cube' (Amazon) AADL .

Bucklin Smith, Smith Bucklin & Associates, Robert H. Wilbur, Susan Kudla Finn, Carolyn Freeland. The Complete Guide to Nonprofit Management (Amazon) AADL .

Jonathan D. Spence. The Memory Palace of Matteo Ricci (Amazon) AADL .

Tom Stoppard, Henry Popkin (Editor). Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead (Amazon) AADL .

Paul A. Taylor. Hackers (Amazon) AADL .

Ellen Ullman. Close to the Machine (Amazon) AADL .
"My work hours have leaked into all parts of the day and week. Eight in the morning, ten at night, Saturday at noon, Sundays: I am never not working. Even when I'm not actually doing something that could be called work, I might get started any minute. So everything is an interruption -- a call from a friend, an invitation to lunch -- everything must be refused because it is possible that from one moment to the next I will get back to something." p.136.

Vernor Vinge. True Names and Other Dangers (Amazon) AADL .

M. Mitchell Waldrop. The Dream Machine (Amazon) AADL .

Alan Weiss. Million Dollar Consulting, New and Updated Edition (Amazon) AADL .

Stephanie Winston. Getting Organized (Amazon) AADL .

Richard Saul Wurman. Information Anxiety (Amazon) AADL .

Library - public

At the public library, not at home
Mortimer Jerome Adler (Preface), Charles Van Doren. How to Read a Book (Amazon) AADL .

Robert Axelrod. The Evolution of Cooperation (Amazon) AADL .

John Bridges. How to Be a Gentleman (Amazon) AADL .

Elizabeth L. Eisenstein. The Printing Press As an Agent of Change (Amazon) AADL .

John H. Holland. Emergence (Amazon) AADL .

Tibor Kalman, Maira Kalman. Fashion (Amazon) AADL .

Lawrence Lessig. Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace (Amazon) AADL .

Paul Lukas. Inconspicuous Consumption (Amazon) AADL .

David Maister. Managing The Professional Service Firm (Amazon) AADL .

Roger McGough. Way Things Are (Amazon) AADL .

Julie Morgenstern. Time Management from the Inside Out (Amazon) AADL .

Bill Shore, William H. Shore. The Cathedral Within (Amazon) AADL .

Tom Standage. The Victorian Internet (Amazon) AADL .

Tom Standage. Victorian Internet (Amazon) AADL .

Gerald M. Weinberg. More Secrets of Consulting (Amazon) AADL .