Bay Mills Pow Wow

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The crowd

Some of the teen and junior jingle dancers

One of the intertribal dances


The crowd watches the intertribal

Adult men's traditional dancers

A traditional dancer goes by the flags

... he dances on

Another intertribal

The emcee shows off his fancy dance skills

One of the drum groups -- a Red Sox fan!

Ice Wolf plays

Ice Wolf gets judged

Ice Wolf in an upbeat

Whitetail Creek: A few of them would grab their throats as they sang

The female member of Whitetail Creek (not allowed to touch the drum)

Women's traditional

Women's Jingle

The women's fancy shawl

More women's fancy shawl

The head dancers start off Sunday

Some men's fancy dancers

Men's fancy

The golden age women's champion

Women's traditional

Women's traditional dancers

My favorite of the women's fancy shawl

The flags

The beach just behind the ballfield as an ore boat goes by

One of the golden agers