Endangered Species

January/February 1997

Featured Articles

Improving Habitat Conservation Planning: The California Natural Community Conservation Model

  • by Michael A. O'Connell and Stephen P. Johnson

Economics and the Endangered Species Act

  • by Jason F. Shogren


The Elimination of the Category 2 Candidate Species List: A Prescription for Environmental Train Wrecks

  • by Howard M. Crystal

AZA Species Survival Plan Profile

The Mona/Virgin Islands Boa

  • by Peter J. Tolson and Miguel A. Garcia

Conservation Spotlight

African Wild Dogs

  • by S. Rotz Mamakos


Cuban Crocodiles Thriving

New England Designated for Participation in Coastal America Partnership Program

Attwater's Prairie Chicken and Wyoming Toad Become SSPs

Book Review

Ecosystem Management in the United States

  • written by Steven L. Yaffee, Ali F. Phillips, Irene C. Frentz, Paul W. Hardy, Sussanne M. Maleki, and Barbara E. Thorpe
  • reviewed by Ed Grumbine

Endangered Species Bulletin

Defense Department's Biodiversity Initiative

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