Ambercon VIII Quotes

"The Small War" by Michelle Barney

Cast of Characters


"They come when you come." -- Bleys to ?, about having children

"Benedict will fight, but Benedict is unsure how." -- Tangerr to ?

"Let There Be Light" by Simone Cooper

Cast of Characters

 David Dalgleish:Raven, ? of Fiona
 Kris Fazzari:Melanie, daughter of Brand
 Ben Goodwin:Rafe, son of Bleys
 Tony Pi:Jonah, son of Fiona
 John Schleick:Arthur, son of Fiona

"I thought you'd like to come along, since the last time I tried to do something, I got killed." -- Rafe to Bleys

"I thought you'd like to tag along, have some fun, kill some brothers and not get in trouble for it." -- Rafe to Bleys

"I do not wish to disturb you." -- Arthur
"Too late." -- Fiona
"I have discovered an extraordinary thing." -- Arthur
"You grew up?" -- Fiona

"I can't do Benedict with Triscuits in my mouth." -- GM to the group

"Hey Raven, did you get a Trump call from Mom, all chained up and everything? Wasn't it great?" -- Jonah to Raven

"Arrow's Path" by Lori Tori and Richard Driscoll

"They made me take my good stuff away." -- Bran to ?

"That kid? I seemed to have mislaid him." -- Tony to ?

"Shadow Knight" by Erick Wujcik

"I'm looking to see what Dworkin is doing with my finger." -- Player to GM

"Hot Potato" by Sarah Wishnevsky

Cast of Characters

 Michael Denewith:Cymnea
 Sol Foster:Dworkin
 Chris King:Finndo
 Crystal Lewinski:Lintra
 Tony Pi:Clarissa
 Matthew Richardson:Oberon
 John Schleick:Benedict

"Now I want you kids to be good because your grandfather's coming for dinner." -- Oberon
"But Dad, Grandpa smells." -- Benedict

"Benedict...go to your room." -- Oberon
"But Dad!" -- Benedict

"Hey Ben, why don't you go see what that was." -- Finndo
"Oh sure..." <leaves the room> "Bite Me." -- Benedict

"Don't worry, it's only the neighbors having a spat." -- Benedict to ?, after finding that the Serpent's eye has been removed

"Finndo, go and try that on the dog." -- Cymnea
"I tried it on the dog. He's gone now." -- Finndo

"Finndo, go torture your father." -- Cymnea

"Here Benedict. Here's your dinner." -- Cymnea
"At least someone in this family loves me." -- Benedict

"I sneak into Oberon's bedroom and rig Cymnea's side of the bed to explode." -- Clarissa to GM
"Bah, Oberon does that to me every night." -- Cymnea

"Why haven't you called me?" -- Clarissa
"Well, uhh, there's a really big time distortion where I am. It's only been about three minutes." -- Oberon
"This is the most outrageous lie anyone's ever told you." -- GM to Clarissa

<Oberon's blood is flowing in the Jewel ofJudgment>
"Dad, I can't make it stop, fix it." -- Oberon
"What am I supposed to do about it?" -- Dworkin
<Oberon cuts Dworkin>
"There, now you're bleeding too. NOW fix it." -- Oberon

"O great Serpent, certainly Clarissa and Cymnea didn't have anything to do with this. It was all the fault of my sons and myself. Surely they don't deserve to be banished with the rest of us." -- Oberon to the Serpent, trying to keep his girlfriend and wife out of Amber

"Get me the hell away from my family." -- Oberon, at the center of the Pattern
"Okay, you're standing in the midst of fire and brimstone." -- GM
"'', hmm, perhaps I should have phrased that differently." -- Oberon

"My dear, I think you and I should walk this." -- Oberon at the newly formed Pattern
"Right, you guys draw some giant power trap and expect me to step on it." -- Cymnea

"Benedict, take a dinghy, row out there and take care of that thing." -- Oberon, indicating the Serpent

"I hide under Lintra's bed and start pulling on my pants." -- Benedict to GM

"Much Ado About Nothing" by Rayser-Sharpe Productions

"Waxed by the stairwell!" -- PC commenting on Gérard's death

"Invitation to a Murder" (AKA the Costume Ball) by Rae Williams and Mike Manolakes

Cast of Characters

 Jo Ann Clute:Despil
 Kris Fazzari:Jurt
 Matthew Richardson:Rinaldo
 Wendi Strang-Frost:Random
 Sarah Wishnevsky:Mandor

"I'm feeling a bit useless at the moment." -- Stefan
"That's appropriate for a Crown Prince." -- Random

"What is the fractal improbability trying to communicate?" -- Stefan
"Loosely translated, it's saying, 'Follow me, dummy!'" -- GM

"Too Many Cooks" by Bernard Hsiung and Sarah Wishnevsky

Cast of Characters

 Rich Driscoll:Benedict of Sweetness and Light
 Bridgett Wissinger:BrandS

"Bleys, I have bad news. You seem to have lost about a thousand years of memories." -- Random
"That's okay. They probably weren't any good anyway." -- Bleys1

"Hey! Would I lie to me?!" -- Benedict2 to Benedict3

"Is there a local Brand?" -- one Brand of 5

"Great. We have a crisis, and Bleys has to waste time making sure he looks good." -- another Brand of 5

"I do not resist the urge to wretch." -- Benedict3 to GM

"Benedict having a Pattern sword is like pushing the gun to make the bullets go faster." -- Bleys1 to the group

"So. What's going on in your world?" -- yet another Brand of 5

"What are you doing? Why are you burning me on a cross?" -- Benedict1 to ?

"I don't suppose we can slow time, speed the harvest, and retroactively make him cease to exist?" -- Bleys2 to ?

"Jesus Christ, you have seen the light!...and little birdies, too." -- GM Sarah to ?

"So, Brand." -- BrandX
"Yes, Brand?" -- BrandY
"Tell me..." -- BrandX

"Three out of five Brands agree, and pay attention to all Trump contacts." -- the Brands to ?

"Do I see the Finndo-Slug?" -- ?

"I was only there to hurt, not to learn." -- one of the five Brands

"Three out of five Brands agree to mind rape the humans." -- the Brand Cabal to the group, on the arrival of the Sliders

"Let's get Corwin to do it! Corwin will do anything!" -- Bleys1 to ?

"I kill him. Out of principle." -- Benedict to ?

"Then I'll head back to House Cuisenart - it's French." -- Benedict to ?

"Actually, I kind of like my Me's." -- Benedict of Sweetness and Light to ?

"No, you CAN'T have it! The last Brand I gave it to disappeared!" -- Benedict to the three Brands groping for the Jewel

"WonderBrand powers...activate!" -- BrandX, BrandY, and BrandS

"Wait. Oberon is dead here? Do I have to go home?" -- BrandS to ?

"And then, after we destroy Finndo..." -- BrandX
"Can we destroy Finndo?" -- BrandY
"Hail, Finndo!" -- Benedict

"Whaddaya mean, Good King Osric?!?!?!?!?!?" -- ?

"Twilight of Days" by John Schippers

Cast of Characters


"No, Apollo isn't in right now. Can I take a message?" -- Mercury on the phone to Set

"Kill the rabbit, kill the rabbit..." -- started simultanously by four different players during Ragnarok

"You are halfway there!" -- Loki to Hel, half-living half-dead Norse Goddess of Death

"Ancient Amber" by Mike Kucharski

Cast of Characters

 Chris Maxom:Derrick, son of ?

"It's not mine, but I'm willing to claim it." -- Prince Derrick of Amber to a group of Chaosians, upon the occasion of discovering the Primal Pattern

"I can't argue with that." -- Prince Derrick of Amber to the Chaosians, by way of response to their explanation that they are motivated by their history and belief system

"Marty Mnemonic" by Rayser-Sharpe Productions

"I'm looking for that blue PC aura." -- PC to GM, on finding Martin

"May the touch of the Great Serpent enlighten you." -- PC to ? on a mind rape

"The Eve of Shadows Watching" -- by Rayser-Sharpe Productions

"I do, in fact, go over the plans that I have formulated to protect the Family from the Fires of Hell." -- PC to ? on paranoia

"These Were A Few..." by Jo Ann Clute and Matthew Sharpe

Cast of Characters

 Chris King:Trumpet the Parrot
 ?:Benny the Cockroach
 ?:Crystal the crystal ball
 ?:the Delegate's Wheelchair

"I have a very successful olive plantation, ya know." -- Trumpet the Parrot, dancing with Princess Florimel

"Well, this lizard came out of Corwin's pants...." -- the Delegate's Wheelchair
"A blizzard came out of Corwin's pants, stole Greyswandir in the midst of Flora's party - AND HE DIDN'T NOTICE?!" -- Trumpet the Parrot

"Does (the Trump impression) have a Dalty feel about it?" -- Crystal the crystal ball to GM

"Cockroaches of Amber, unite!" -- Benny the Cockroach

? by Mark MacKinnon

Cast of Characters

 Anne Delekta:Dianore, granddaughter of Oberon

"Free will is overrated, that's why I'm taking yours." -- Oberon to Dianore

"Paris in the Rain" by John Davies

Cast of Characters

 Anne Delekta:?, artist, daughter of Corwin
 Sol Foster:?, thief, son of Corwin
 Ben Goodwin:?, smuggler, son of Corwin
 Chris Kindred:?, private investigator, son of Corwin
 Michael Kucharski:?, art fence, son of Corwin

"I interrupted two thieves who were trying to rob Dad's place." -- Michael Kucharski's character
"You mean two thieves interrupted you while you were trying to rob Dad's place." -- Ben Goodwin's character

"1776" by Julian Morley

"...he continues to drag your body over the cobblestones, pointedly ignoring your screams as only Julian can." -- GM to ?

Unknown campaigns

"Gently I stroked her fetlock..." -- Dworkin, reading from the forbidden portion of the Book of the Unicorn

"Your bodily fluids mean nothing to me!" -- The Tiki God

"Free Rebma!" -- Anonymous

"Look, you French bitch, I'm Abraham Lincoln!" -- Todd Coleman to ?

"You like him? He's important to you? He does good work for you? HE'S DEAD!!" -- Various mobsters

"Your hand just went through steel, that felt really icky." -- GM to the ghost of Finndo

"Somebody tried to Trump me? But I'm dead." -- Finndo to ?

"Hi. I'm not alive right now, but I'll get back to you as soon as I can." -- Finndo? to ?

"I'm dead, I'm doing my best." -- Finndo? to ?

"Your lower half is encased in stone." -- GM
"Well, that's not normal." -- Eric

"So, how is your brother Corwin?" -- Finndo to Eric
"What a way to make friends and influence people." -- Robert

"Brand, are you full of sensation? And have you been for sometime?" -- ?

"I can't imagine a son of Benedict getting it up for anything but a battle." -- Mike to ?

"She's very much into this killing you thing." -- ?

"The Wet Willie of DEATH." -- ?

"Shhh, I'm hunting Wandom's" -- GM to ?

"I'm going to throw Brand down." -- Eric
"You didn't really need to do that." -- GM
"Yes I did." -- Eric

"Are you pushing the gun to make the bullet go faster?" -- GM to ?

"And the temperature in the room just dropped four degrees." -- Chris
"It takes a special man to do that." -- Rob

"But that's cheating!" -- Eric to ?

"I go through my Trumps to find someone I trust." *toss* "Well, this deck is useless." -- ?

"Sometimes mindless flight is your best option." -- Brendon to ?

"Can I make my situation any worse?" -- ?

"Getting clubbed over the head with a fish is not a good thing." -- ?

"You're trotting through the desert and suddenly you are in the middle of hundreds of fish bones." -- GM to ?


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